What podcasts have you started listening to in the last 3 months?

I was always under the impression that Rick Steves is lowest common denominator stuff for the first time American abroad with their fanny pack and baseball cap and everyone in Europe hates him for funnelling millions of coachloads of people to the same places.

I was listening to one about the conspiracy theories around the Bobby Kennedy assassination called the RFK Tapes, and the people behind that have just started a new one called “the Ballad of Billy Balls”.

So that’s getting listened to

The Lost Initiative - two women talking about Lost (almost, but not quite, obvs, the best TV series ever), recorded at the time. I didn’t discover podcasts for about another five years after this was made.

The Trapset with Joe Wong - interviews with drummers.

Science-ish - two guys, one a scientist, talk about the science behind ideas in films. Each episode inspired by a separate film. The very definition of edutainment.


It wouldn’t surprise me, it was quite clear that they had no interest in any of the music played on Radio X, and considering they had a whole section of their podcast dedicated to music they do like, it’d make sense for them to go to a station that they can have more creative control over


I hope so, But then I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about Queen so an extended break would be nice.

have been spooked out by the monster podcast, atlanta child killer s1, zodiac killer s2

think i need to expand beyond true crimes politivs and war. i quite liked the american life series where he met his ex’s to discern why he was a douchebag.

oh the q anon podcast is good if you’re interested in the most batshit conspiracy theory of our times

Definitely up for some Q shit, where’s it at

Really enjoy the episodes I’ve heard from this. The Steven Drozd and Carla Azar ones are excellent.

To be honest, I’d never heard of him before digging around for travel podcasts so I’ve not much context.

It’s much broader in remit than the other one and doesn’t really provide a guide on where to go in any particular place as such. It is very American in outlook (the European travel guides giving their takes on Brexit was proper fingerpuppets stuff), but I think it’s enjoyable enough overall.

This was good. Five part series on the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Being produced by Producer Dave again


cried at the latest Reply All


The hotline? That story was so heartbreaking.


It was the he blurted out ‘love you guys’ to Alex and PJ at the end that set me off.


I guess that means it’ll be from MediaCity? Might tie in with Elis doing more stuff with BBC sport and opens up a new world of Pret celebrity encounters.

this is interesting but I’m somewhat sceptical

so i’ve listened to both episodes. i find a lot of what he says quite intriguing in a speculative way but by his own admission a 2nd US civil war all depends on a number of different currents exploding into flame at once, with a trump refusal to leave office, for me, being the most likely spark. will see what he has to say about the nature of the conflict in episode 3 this week, he seems to have it nailed when he says it’ll be dozens of rival militias at each other’s throats rather than cleanly defined and unified sides.

definitely feels like if the violence starts anywhere on a mass scale it will be from the right wingers in rural areas. muh constitution types. anyway he tipped me off to this podcast too, which i’m now deeply absorbed in:

Bob Mortimer on Athletico Mince dropping

into his quiz name titles sends me over the edge man.