What podcasts have you started listening to in the last 3 months?



Praise be!

I’m trying to put my finger on it and I think it hinges on whether you find his persona funny. Because he’s not much of a joke teller say, he just relays a series of whimsical tales/observations which (based on the evidence of those Netflix specials anyway) I don’t find funny. And I don’t find his persona funny either so I’m just sitting there wondering what there is to laugh at.

Basically how I feel about John Bishop. Nothing against him, seems like a good lad. Just can’t identify what’s meant to be funny.


Oh wow, this sounds amazing!


It’s great - I listened to the three available episodes over the last couple of days. Makes me want to buy a telescope.


I’m with you there. I didn’t realise people actually found him funny until recently. I thought he was one of those folk who knew the right people, ended up on a few too many panel shows, then managed to build a career based on BBC omnipresence. His popularity genuinely baffles me.


Nah he’s clearly more distinct than your average panel show career person I’d say. He’s got a niche for sure.


it’s no different to someone like Stewart Lee though whose style doesn’t translate well to panel shows, but in this country we have a weird system with comedy where you basically have to go on panel shows to get any kind of recognition early in your career. as said above, the guests on the show have been pretty weak so far, save for Aisling and Grace, and they are mostly ‘comedians’ - you literally could not pay me to go to an Ed Gamble show from what i’ve heard on the podcast BUT i bet he goes down a storm on Mock The Week.


not a fan of many UK political podcasts, altho i like we don’t talk about the weather. they don’t try to be an english chapo like every other fucker. they banter with each other but it’s not desperately trying to make you laugh, it’s just 2 pals discussing politics over vapes and beers. plus they’re big metalheads and gamers, so that’s also a plus.


haven’t listened yet but this sounds interesting


what is a good podcast for exploring spooky and paranormal mysteries? i am a paranormal buff but i can’t find a 'cast i like.


same, all paranormal podcasts are terrible. the best one i’ve found is the (sadly now defunct) thinking sideways http://www.thinkingsidewayspodcast.com/

it’s not really spooky because they’re mainly making fun of paranormal stuff but they cover loads of well known events and some lesser known ones too. would recommend the chupacabra, rendlesham forest or taman shud episodes.


Generation Why does some paranormal stuff quite well, though it’s mostly mundane murders that I don’t bother with.


My bf is reading his book and I ask him to read me a chapter sometimes and it’s just a bit confusing??


I want a new crime/murder/whatever series to get into.

Like the teachers pet/dirty john/dr death etc. Anyone got anything??


Isn’t his book just a collection of ‘hilarious’ anecdotes that have happened to him? I wouldn’t imagine his style would translate well to a book tbh.


Yeah pretty much. And they’re all linked so it’s not like you can just dip into story number 10 cause it has in jokes relating to stories 2 and 6 and 4 etc.

So when he reads to me, I have to get him to explain the in jokes and they’re not funny.


Ah right. Sounds best avoided.


I really liked the Parapod. It’s more taking the piss than serious investigation, but when it hit its stride it was really funny, proper try not to laugh out loud on the bus stuff.


cheers! will report back.


Are there any podcasts about travel that aren’t hosted by ‘found myself’ types?


i have started listening to history of the crusades. the woman hosting it is really adorably dorky and breaks down a very complex series of events spread across centuries into easily understood 20, 30 minutes chunks. i recommend.