What podcasts have you started listening to in the last 3 months?

Started on Bud Pod with Phil Wang and his mate. Like it; is short, structure-less and has no features. Smashing.

Quite enjoying this despite the fact that Wondry always ham up their podcasts way too much

It Could Happen Here. Hosted by Robert Evans, who also makes Behind The Bastards (probably my outright favourite podcast), the first series explains

A) How a second American Civil War is an entirely feasible proposition and
B) What it would be like if it happened.

Jon Ronson’s The Last Days of August just hit the free Podcast apps too, and that one’s fantastic. I binged the whole thing in one night.

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you SOB. and you got a like too! fuming.

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That’s so weird. I specifically searched the thread for the title too!

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no it’s good really, at least someone else on here is into it!

I’m a total Jack O’Brien and Robert Evans stan. So glad JOB brought a Evans over to HowStuffWorks.

Threw some money at Evans’ audiobook
Gofundme, really looking forward to hearing it.

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Mostly been listening to this lately. Mainly interesting because of the cast of characters they turn up, highlight so far being a dutch guy who is some kind of art theft detective.

I know this post is two years old but I’ve gotta defend my girls. They startee their podcast before MFM.


Call me immature, but my favourite bit of these podcasts is still Mick McCarthy.

giving those conspiracy guys a whirl. they actually believe a lot of conspiracies, i was surprised.

keep your eyes peeled for this my dudes, coming soon…




where can i listen to the partridge podcast without having to pay for audible? someone fix me up

wtffffffsaaaasjjfh. last podcast on the left is so bad. this is no way to pass on information.

It’s entertainment not education :smiley:

Which episode?

just wanted to learn about killers but they kept talking about sucking dildos :pleading_face:

They chuck a lot of info out but surround it by absolute nonsense.

They’ve got more professional as they’ve gone on but the majority of the best serial killers were earlier in the podcast.

I’d listen to something different to get used to the style and then go back to the serial killer ones. The 5 parters on scientology and mormonism are both good.

Or listen to a none comedy podcast

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Get a free trial, you get 2 audiobooks to keep. Cancel the trial straight away and they’ll still be there

That guardian one about the Freshwater 5 trial and appeal was really good. Covers the lawyer who has taken up the case and some of the inner workings of getting cases to the appeal court.