What podcasts have you started listening to in the last 3 months?

I have been enjoying this nice listen, with the guy who is the producer on Chapo* and a woman who I get the feeling is his partner. It’s pretty enjoyable, they do good research and some of the guests are good.

The Steve Albini episode has an interesting discussion of his particular edgelord persona, and the Rick Rubin episode benefits from having an actual real life producer who gives some very interesting insights into the Industry (who knew Artpop by lady GaGa was one of the biggest financial failures in the music industry?)

*. NB. This is not like that podcast so don’t be put off


Sounds good. Some decent-looking eps to catch up on. Added the Cramps one to my playlist as a kick off.

The episode about musicians and 9/11 is just ridiculous, some of the stories are unbelievable

In what way? Sounds interesting

Some funny ones from Slash and some industry type guy who tells people working on his house a nuclear weapon was dropped on NYC. Plus they go into some of the reactions catalogued in the ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom’ book

Spoilers because donars not to ruin the episode if you want to experience it fresh Also the video for Limp Bizkits ‘Rollin’ won a VMA for best music video on September 10th 2001 (video prominently features WTC).

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Definitely sounds like something I’d want to listen to. Thanks!

Anyone got a book club podcast recommendation? Particularly for recent releases.

I enjoyed Slate’s Audio Book Club but it stopped in 2018. Didn’t really like Radio 4’s interview the author approach.

Just started this, good stuff. My dad is a farmer so I’m so used to seeing very specific farming papers and magazines lying around the kitchen.

Thanks for the recommendation - this is excellent. Music podcasts are so hit and miss, but I started with the Steve Albini episode and really enjoyed it.

Yep. The Cramps one was really great. Have added a bunch more for future listening.

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Does anyone have any good menless podcast recommendations?

i haven’t listened to it yet but Rose Matafeo has one with a friend called Boners of the Heart. been meaning to check it out.


It’s the best! I think it’s literally my favourite podcast. They haven’t released an ep in so long now though.

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Just recently discovered this great one for people whoa re well into film music:

The There Will Be Blood one was brilliant, but I’m loving all the John Williams stuff too. Also the Batman one on Danny Elfman’s score. Just three very knowledgable and likeable guys talking about great music, how it’s put together and why it works. My bag.


All Kills No Filla and the Allusionist (though that’ll often have male guests)

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love this sort of shit.

have you heard ‘the soundtrack show’ too? just done a 3 parter on the zelda series. I don’t really understand chords and theory stuff particularly well but him talking about chord progressions and how they work makes my brain happy. pretty sporadic uploading but I’m delighted when there’s a new one.

soundtrack showdown is pretty good as well.

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Matafeo and Snedden’s show on iplayer, Starstruck is really good too


Oh perfect. This looks very much my sort of thing. Love this stuff, especially The Soundtrack Show as mentioned.

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can’t find a post i made before about Kim Noble’s podcast, Futile Attempts (At Surviving Tomorrow). listened to the first episode last year and found it funny but incredibly awkward with second hand embarrassment from the things he puts himself through.

only finally picked up from episode 2 a couple of weeks ago and i’m enjoying it a lot, and it hasn’t been quite as uncomfortable as the first one. i’m on episode 6 now (out of 10), particularly enjoyed the ep where he tries to meet Sting to ask him how to be good at sex.

Starting listening to Grace Dents Comfort Food podcast today. Excellent episode with Russell T Davies who just seems like the nicest man.

There is a lot of TW talk about death and caring for terminally ill but it is done in such a caring and beautiful way.

Also very much enjoy Grace’s voiceover voice, very silky :star_struck:

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