What position do you sleep in?

go to sleep 3, wake up 1

Even if I weren’t asleep, I don’t have that directly overhead vantage point on myself.

Not seen Radiohead’s video for Just for a while while

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#21 looks like daniel about to do the karate kid crane kick.

I can only sleep on my side when I’ve been swimming regularly and I have stronger muscles around my shoulders.

  • Facing towards the wall
  • Facing away from the wall

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Stage left/right

  • Left of the bed
  • Right of the bed
  • Hotdesking

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  • With someone making physical contact with me
  • Stay the fuck away from me!

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My bedroom has 4 walls, m8.


Side nearest the bathroom


my son sometimes sleeps like this

All of them.
I have scary dreams when I fall asleep on my back though.

This as you lie in the bed, or as you look at it?

As you lie in it

depends doesn’t it. i’ll face one way, if i can’t get to sleep i’ll turn over a couple of times, who knows what way i end up facing

surprised more of yous haven’t suffocated yet going by some of these results

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never used to be able to sleep on my back but had a phase a few years ago of always listening to a bit of music on my earphones before sleep and would often end up just falling asleep like that, on my back, earphones in. became quite easy to just sleep that way naturally after that. still primarily a side man though, not sure if i’ve retained back sleeping ability since.


This is where I need a cwbaft option!

I don’t know if you have seen many babies sleeping, most of the baby/toddler sleeping positions I have observed are missing from that chart.