What product keeps you loyal to your online shop

Apart from Asda, where all of the fruit and veg you will be sent will be on the turn because it is a terrible supermarket. But then that’s not the pickers fault. Don’t think anyone uses a colour chart to pick their bananas either. That would be a bit odd.

i tried getting semolina in tesco and we had 2 members of staff and me running about looking for it. in morrisons i know it’s on both sides of world food (twice on one side and once on the other)

i’m loyal to whatever shops are close enough to walk to


M and S pizza and choc digestives. Plus ocado houmous and bread sticks.

Please add me to the ocado spreadsheet.

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nice to get out of the house imo

when i was unemployed it was the highlight of my week. it’s often still up there tbqh.

was only a joke Slicks :grinning:

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Since working from home and the whole Pando became a thing I’ve stopped doing a weekly shop just so I get out from the house some days. Feels like such a small thing but really does help me.

Got a full Asda shop from Uber wars because they sent me a 60% off voucher