What product would you riot over?

I think I’m unlikely to crack skulls for Nutella, tbh tbf

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To get my fix of Diet Coke probably.

bur-riot-o haha



Water? idk

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(this is a high end maths joke)

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The premier league


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Struggling to think of anything other than beer.

Is DiS a product?

I see it more as a naturally occuring life source like air or water. Or like a high form of art that somehow transcends materialism.

You might have a problem.

I was pretty miffed when proper sherbert lemons disappeared.

Turned over a car or two.

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Boursin - the nation’s favourite.

Peanut butter


If the government introduced prohibition like in the USA in the 1920s I’d be on the streets with many other people.

pine nuts

Krispey Kreme were giving away big boxes of doughnuts the other day (like a big box per person). My son spotted what was going on and missed out on doughnuts by about 2 places in the queue

Think I might have gone full rage if that had happened to me

Bread? But if there is no bread then there is no flour and if there is no flour there probably isn’t lots of other stuff! Plastic would have the last laugh with her stockpile bread freezer.

Hmmmm dunno, maybe Boris as PM