What proportion of the total number of countries you'll visit before you die have you already visited (estimate)?


I’ve been to 19 countries, just counted. (UK=1)
Reckon I don’t have as many as that yet to come. So I’m going with 68%.


Honestly don’t give a shit.


I hope I have lots more countries left in me so I’m optimistically gonna go with 33.3%


Depends when I die


me neither tbh, good call. seeya later


let’s say you’ll die in three years.


Only done 8 so far. Reckon that’s somewhere between a quarter and a third of what I would like the total to be.


would love to see some totals in your working Ant


What of?


An illness contracted in a different country


How Many Countries Have You Visited?

  • 1 (ie only where you were born)
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-30
  • I am PNiks

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Visited 15, would give me 45 to aim for if I’d only visited 33.3% of my total, seems like a decent target.


35 so far. Hopefully half.


best of luck with that, I hope you live long enough


food poisoning, calais


Thanks, (although I’ve just realised you’re inexplicably counting the UK as one so I need to up it to 16 and my figures are now all out of whack)


I’m about to turn 32, and using one of those maps you click on I have visited 31 and it will be 32 by March. Maybe I should keep pace with my age?

Google tells me there are 196 countries in the world though, and I have plans, so hopefully it’s only 16%.

In smaller goals I want to visit all of the weird little countries/enclaves in Europe. Just got San Marino, Åland and Kaliningrad to go. Been to Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, the Vatican, Andorra, Monaco.




you can use whatever base assumptions you choose, I was just adding some context to my own calcs


is that Moldova breakaway one still happening?