What’s a Catch? The NFL 2018 Offseason Thread


nice and valid burn to Jameis Winston, there


haven’t thought much about Falcons since the Philly exit (lost to the champs, reigned in St. Nick like NO OTHER DEFENSE MANAGED). standard period of grumpiness.

mildly concerned about Matty’s impending contract and the effect it might have on the cap.


Surprised i’ve never read about that. Who are the other definite twats i should keep an eye out for?

Without knowing about the off-the-pitch stuff, he just struck me as someone who was, win or lose, always involved. Remember the Steelers being involved in a few tight, high-scoring games last season, or at other times him having absolute mares. A bit like, say, the England rugby union team, Liverpool, or Amir Khan, the Steelers seem, well, as i say, good value one way or the other.


Aye Antonio Brown and leveon bell are both ace, but obviously can’t get behind a team with Ben on it. Jameis Winston is the other big quarterback but there are players all over the league with pretty horrendous stuff on them. Joe mixon got caught on cctv knocking a woman out, breaking her jaw unprovoked in a bar in college, got drafted in the second round


Probably easier to list the ones who aren’t cunts sadly


I remember that, and the Vick stuff a while back, and a couple of other assorted incidents, firearms, DUIs, etc, being mentioned in the press over here.

Do you think this sort of thing’s more common in the NFL than other team sports, or is it just a case of the numbers of personnel being much higher?


Think if you look at the numbers, gender, age group and wealth it’s probably not much of an outlier from the general population


Although I’ve read an interesting article about How, because squads are so big and they wear helmets, NFL players are much less likely to be recognised by the public than basketball or baseball players, and are therefore more likely to a) throw their cash around to make sure everyone knows they’re a billy large bollocks and b) get into trouble on nights out


I think the jury is still out on whether he’s a good QB (it seems fairly obvious he’s not a good person), but at the moment I don’t think he’s worth considering as a top tier guy.

Not sure any other divisions have more than two really quality starters.


This is desperately sad

Really hope he gets the help he needs.


Tragically sad stuff. I know that bullies can change and become better people but it still kind of staggers me that incognito is on a team


He’s pretty damn good at football. And as the discussion above proves, if you are pretty damn good at football you’ll find somewhere to play, whether or not you’re a bully, rapist, have a history of violence against women, a dog-fighting conviction or are just an all round nasty piece of work.

But there ARE good guys in the NFL. There’s a lot of charitable foundations, and the likes of Chris Long who gave his entire salary last year to charity.


Been watching the odd combine video and it’s my first exposure to a lot of these players. Sometimes you know someone is going to become one of your favourites based off of a few clips. Saquon Barkley looks incredible, he’s obviously an amazing athlete but the way he catches the ball is so smooth. Seems like a good egg too.


Jesus, it’s the combine already? Swear that it’s usually in May or something


If the Browns pass on him it’d probably rank around the upper middle of daft things the Browns have done. Obviously the right thing to do is get a free agent QB and draft Barkley and Minkah Fitzpatrick but they’re capable of anything (and not in a good way).


Watched a bit of the QBs working out. Lamar Jackson is athleticism personified, but Josh Allen is just incredible to look at. Chucked a ball 70 yards to a receiver like it was nothing. No idea if he can actually play football, but he’s got a career as a Greek god as backup.


Draft is in April!


Aldon Smith released by the Raiders for domestic violence, adding to the already extensive legal issues section of his wiki:

Wouldn’t surprise me to see him sign somewhere else either, he’s a Von Miller level talent on his day.


I hope for everyone’s sanity that Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t also have the idea to write an animated short film when he retires now.


Mike Lombardi knocking it out of the park as usual - Re Josh Rosen, “He has to decide whether he wants to be a humanitarian or a football player”. As someone already replied - " “So do you want to play quarterback or sell inedible pizza?” - what no one ever said to Peyton Manning"

Interesting QB class, so much difference in opinion! Don’t watch any college football, so going off analysis/reporting etc, but it’s interesting to see any one of 4 QBs mocked at number 1 overall, with another couple threatening the first round. Darnold seems to have the highest floor in the draft itself?

Looking forward to FA, although it’s often a bit disappointing when a huge sweep of the big deals have already been leaked before it officially starts. Maybe Josh McDaniels wanted to gift us all a load of excitement, so no-one can trust a deal until it’s actually signed.