What’s a Catch? The NFL 2018 Offseason Thread


That max unger trade looks so bad. Wasn’t sure of it at the time, but considering what happened to that line and the run game in particular… eesh


Can’t remember who he was describing but Mike Tanier likened a team’s decision making to a Madden AI recently, in that none of the individual moves were bad in themselves but they don’t ever come together as a cohesive whole. That’s the Seahawks in a nutshell; Jimmy Graham was an excellent player when they traded for him, but tight end wasn’t a position of need for them and their only other centers were reasonably experienced backup Patrick Lewis and converted defensive tackle Drew Nowak. Naturally they didn’t draft any more and Nowak was named the starter (and was terrible).

Fell into a bit of a wiki wormhole at work today looking the Seahawks draft classes of the past few years. There’s a school of thought that Scot McCloughan was the true brains behind their Superbowl victory, and while I don’t think that’s entirely true (mostly because its most vocal proponent is Scot McCloughan) it’s worth comparing their draft classes before and after he left the team in 2013. The 2013 draft itself is quite something; Luke Willson is the only player who could reasonably considered to be a success. Half of them didn’t ever play any meaningful snaps for the team (their fourth rounder didn’t even make the roster).


Think the Cleveland roster is so bad that they can’t justify going for anyone but the best player available, so Barkley first overall is my guess. I don’t see any of the first four teams going for a QB; think the Giants will go for Quenton Nelson regardless of whether or not they get Andrew Norwell in free agency because they’re going to be priced out of keeping Justin Pugh and their only other contracted guards are an UDFA and the old and broken John Greco. Bradley Chubb to the Colts is a no-brainer, their pass rush is terrible and he’s the best rusher on the board, then Fitzpatrick to the Browns where him and Jabrill Peppers can form the union of versatile high quality players that their co-ordinators can’t figure out how to use effectively.

Can see any of the teams below them trading down to a QB-needy team. Reckon the Dolphins might do something daft, they’re usually a solid bet to attempt the draft day trade they believe will show those pesky Patriots they’re not fooling around this year.


Have a soft spot for Aqib from my (and his) Patriots days. Seems like a colossal bellend, but then so are most NFL players. At his best he’s a top-tier cornerback.

Plus we’ll always have this




Cleveland can’t just keep passing up QBs though, can they? Might take one with the 4th rather than the 1st (though I agree with @hip_young_gunslinger that it should be the 1st, and get the guy you think has the most chance), but if they pass on another Carson Wentz or Deshaun Watson, they’ll get flayed by their fanbase (which maybe shouldn’t but I think does count for something)

The Seahawks roster construction is a great point - there’s only so much you can do about draft projection (find it interesting how some people are really good in the later rounds, but not so good early on, or other folks are good at the top but rubbish from round 3), but the trades and FA stuff has been almost fan like? Chasing after names rather than needs.

Talib to the Rams is punchy, less room for Watkins to get signed. Taking advantage of rookie QB contract while they can I guess.


You know, I really haven’t got any idea what the best option is. As far as I see it they have three options:

  1. They go all in on a drafted QB. Pros: he could be great. Cons: Hue Jackson destroys him the way he destroyed DeShone Kizer while Barkley stomps his way to ORoTY.
  2. They get a QB in the Foles/Keenum/Mcarron bracket and draft one to sit behind him. Pros: on paper it’s a sensible thing to do, Barkley would help whatever QB ends up starting. Cons: remember the McCown/Manziel year?
  3. They throw an absolute ocean of money at Kirk Cousins. Pros: a hey presto identity for the offence, lets DeShone Kizer have another go at developing. Cons: one of these QBs turns out to be the next Tom Brady, Cousins turns back into a pumpkin.

Funnily enough John Dorsey has previous with the number one pick and a ropey QB class and he traded for Alex Smith, although that Chiefs team was a talented roster that Romeo Crennel had crashed into a ditch. Suggests that he’d go safety first again, but there’s no clear safe option.


Agreed btw, Talib is a solid trade. All this Rams chopping and changing will be for nothing if they don’t re-sign Aaron Donald though.


Sherman released by Seattle.


Jarvis Landry traded to the Browns. What the shit is going on today?


Jeremy Lane gone too. Nowhere near as important as Bennett or Sherman but another indicator that they’re really in clearing out mode.

I guess they’ll need a strong draft to compensate. Anyone know how they’re doing on that front recently?


Interesting. We’re not miles away from a potential Cousins - Barkley - Gordon/Landry/Coleman offense. That would be quite something, and would be really interesting to see how they then contrived to only win 2 games.


Depends how long they go before chucking Hue Jackson overboard. I give him 6 games.


Hold up - Tyrod Taylor to the Browns? That’ll throw a spanner in our draft prediction works. And we get the Nathan Peterman era in Buffalo! Everyone wins.


Huge action for Hue Jackson


So Tyrod as a bridge, Barkley at one, and a QB at four? Hmm…


Mayyyybe. It also opens up getting any of the QBs, as Taylor gives them time to develop an Allen or whatever. I agree with the principal of the eagles or bears approach to QB - throw as much as you can at the position until you find yer man.

Odds of Bills pairing up those two first rounders with some other picks to get high enough to pick the QB of their choice must be very short.


Danny Shelton traded to the Patriots. Time to update my “where are they now?” tracker:


Shelton was pretty good I thought? Odd one to get rid of.

In other Browns news, they’ve sent Kizer to Green Bay of all places in return for Demarious Randall. I know he had issues but he was probably their best corner and still in a rookie deal (and a first round pick)… what exactly are Green Bay up to?


I imagine one way or another they can’t afford to keep him once they’ve given Aaron Rodgers All Of The Money. At least this way they get a draft pick in return. Not sure why the Browns would ditch Shelton though, look out for him to get 3 sacks and a fumble recovery in the AFC title game next year.