What’s a Catch? The NFL 2018 Offseason Thread


Things that seem like a million years ago: The Saints had Adrian Peterson as part of a backfield three with Ingram and some rookie. Totally forgot AP was ever there.


He still wasn’t that good though, Green Bay needed to draft better cornerbacks with or without him. I would assume they decided given his disciplinary issues it was worth their while to get rid and pick up in the draft, which they were expected to do anyway. It’s possible their draft strategy would have left him with less perceived value so they are getting something whilst they can for a player who didn’t fit in too well.


That was quick. Wonder how the fan base will welcome him given his history against the franchise?

Surely this is a case of wanting to prove Seattle wrong twice a year


The weird thing about that Odell video is how it gets out. Surely that can only get filmed covertly by a third party and so you wonder if there’s been attempted blackmail involved.

Never really seen the issue with sports people smoking cannabis (it might not even be that), but getting filmed around people taking coke’s not a great look, eh.


might just be a case that people know you can get a lot of money for a video like that, just by selling it to TMZ/whatever, without the legal and other complexities a blackmail would entail?

The cannabis thing is messed up now that it’s legal in most states - it’s effectively become a league stipulation, rather than punishment for committing a crime. It should be sorted out and re-ruled, but imagine the NFL to be backwards looking, slow to react, and controlled by conservatives.


I liked Shelton too, guess it’s a case of ‘not my pick’?

I like Kizer to Green Bay, think there’s a decent QB in there, but need to undo the damage Jackson did and give Kizer time to learn the pro game. As for Randall… not so sure, but this is another deep draft for DBs apparently, and a few in FA. Just shows what they really thought of Hundley despite McCarthy’s vote of confidence a couple of weeks back.

Also Sherman only gets 3M guaranteed? Player representing himself as agent strikes again!


DeShawn Shead gone as well. Poor old Earl Thomas is going to be playing secondary all by himself.


Well, not a million miles off. Strongly reminiscent of Philly a couple of years back. Their current two first rounders plus a future 2nd to swap with Indy?


Case Keenum to the Broncos!

Allen Robinson to the Bears!

Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs!


Norwell getting a absolute shedload from the Jags!


i’m starting to get a little too excited about cousins to the jets…


How do they still have all that cash? They’re fucking loaded in all respects*

*Except at QB, obvs.


Blimey. $16m a year for Watkins, that’s quite a gamble with his injury record.


The Vikings playing it sensible by potentially getting a young QB at a reasonable asking price


Rap Sheet reporting that Brees will have sorted a new 2 year contract with the Saints by the end of the day. Funny while it last though.


That’s what I thought. Assuming these deals go through and are pretty much what they say (ie the 16M isn’t made up of pro bowl, appearance, or stat incentives), 16M for Watkins is a lot. Gives Mahomes a lot to play with though - gadget plays out of the backfield with Hill, Hunt short, Kelce middle, Watkins over the top.


Already cost them Robinson? Even if they may not have wanted him long term, surely another season on the tag? They’re in a window atm.

Good run game and elite D is a nice mix tbf.


When the time comes to write the story on the Patriots dynasty and their decades of success, not enough attention will be given to just how absolutely appalling and dumb all their division rivals were:


guilty lol


some amazing moves this off season, although the Landry decision actually worked for them in the end. Wilson for 8M/year isn’t soooo bad, and better than Landry for twice that for this season, but they’re probably the worst run team, and have been for a while. I have no idea how the moves they make are supposed to get them to challenging the pats - is their plan seriously to try and nab a wild card slot every 2-3 years? In an optimal playout?