What’s a Catch? The NFL 2018 Offseason Thread


They’re going to have to eat a massive cap hit if (as expected) they release Suh as well. Quite amazing the state of perpetual upheaval that team is in.


Aye. Not even sure what the best move is from here - blow it up and aim to restart from next year? Draft O-line at 11, aim to have something in place for a young QB, whilst getting rid of old expensive players? Such a mess.


They just need to pick one thing and be patient with it rather than just firing the GM/HC every alternate year. It took the Jags 5 years under Caldwell and Bradley to turn the team around but the Dolphins never seem to think that it should take more than 2. The fact that the Eagles managed to change from the Chip Kelly circus to Superbowl champions in 2 years is no incentive for them to change though.


Shame this, he was a great run-stuffer though obviously on the backend of his career. Not like Philly needed more line help, but the rich always gets richer.

Now there’s a need, maybe Suh coming home isn’t so ridiculous (ahahahaha).


Quite. Their style has been to sign a/the premier FA talent each year, so doing a long term rebuild seems like anathema to ownership.


Oof, Bears picking up Trey Burton and Cousins to the Vikes seems to be a done deal.

NFC North getting better, Lions standing still and twiddling their thumbs.


That is a pricey deal for Burton though, interested to see the guarantees. Assuming Chicago match any offer for Meredith, gives them Burton and Cohen as speedy options, with Robinson, Meredith, and Shaheen as size. Not sure where the blocking tight end comes into it, so not sure if Dion Sims gets released.

Gives Kevin White every chance to see if he can be anything as well. Would be fine with Inman and/or Kendall Wright coming back for slot/WR3 work


Yeah, at that price I’d rather have Ebron for sure.

Lions have apparently signed Giant LB Devon Kennard - don’t really know much about him, looks promising.


I have no idea about him either, but any LB the giants let go can’t be that good, surely?




According to Schefter the Cousins deal is fully guaranteed… could change a lot of things going forwards.


It might be such a unique (well, rare) situation that it’s treated as the exception, ie doesn’t apply for franchise QBs dealing with extensions, but yeah, could shake things up.


$86m… fully guaranteed… jeeeeeez


Should get an early inkling with the Rodgers contract!


Still never seen a fully good season from Cousins. The most persuasive argument for his quality is that he kept Washington competitive last year while surrounded by expansion level talent. Even then he coughed the ball up 26 times. Think it’s marginally less insane than when they traded for Sam Bradford though.


I think he’s a good quarterback, being paid like the greatest due to unusual circumstances. I’d currently put him behind Brady, Rodgers, Brees, (healthy) Luck, Ryan, Wentz, Newton, Roethlisberger, Stafford, Rivers and Wilson, but ahead of all the others. So… 12th best. Keenum would probably be… 20th? Ish? That’s a lot of money to jump 8 places. I guess they must rate him higher than that, or Keenum lower. Or both.


I quite like Cousins, and sure Keenum has had bad years before this one… but that’s a lot of money to put on a guy who very well might be a (high functioning) system QB. idk. Not sure when the next big contracts on that D are going to come, they have some good deals on the O tbf.


Just reading about it again, there’s only mention of the guaranteed part. Presumably that means there’s going to be more on top? It’s going to be very, very, very, very expensive.


I thought when it was reported it was fully guaranteed, it meant that’s all the money - it’s just that he gets it whether on the roster or injured or whatever


Brees contract officially extended… It was always inevitable really, but I can’t deny there was a tiny bit of doubt / crushing fear when the Vikings showed an interest and the Saints back office were being all vague about it. I would have cried for like a year straight, I swear.

Now that’s out of the way, I am very excited about this team in the next two years. We’re likely losing Vaccaro and Senio Kelemete (probably the best back-up OL in the league and can play multiple positions, deserves starter money somewhere), and maybe Snead, but other than that there shouldn’t be too many major squad moves. Big rumours of Jimmy Graham coming back which would be cool; Coby Fleener is just as injury prone but has the added negative of literally not being able to catch.

We have less draft picks this year, but last year’s class was so bloody good that shouldn’t matter. Just need to add some speed to our LBs and find an edge rusher to help Cam Jordan. I’ve got a lot of faith in our talent scouting abilities now after years of wasted high picks (Stephane Anthony anyone?) Funnily enough it’s Jeff Ireland, one of the guys culpable for the mess in Miami, who has turned our draft ability around as lead college scout. Think he’ll end up being a GM again at some point soon.