What’s a Catch? The NFL 2018 Offseason Thread


I thought that too originally, but now I reckon there’s going to be more on top of the guaranteed. Could go over $100m.


Sam Bradford to Arizona, presumably as the bridge for whoever they draft. If Arians was still in town you’d put the house on it being human trebuchet Josh Allen but they could realistically go in any direction. Reckon it’d be a terrific landing spot for Lamar Jackson.

EDIT: $20M for the year!


Amazed that Jeff Ireland got another opportunity after calling Dez Bryant’s mother a prostitute, suggesting Jonathan Martin punch Richie Incognito and calling the Dolphins fans assholes. In many ways he’s a trailblazer given where the American national dialogue is these days. They should probably give him Roger Goodell’s job.


Yeah, should probably have qualified that he’s an absolute arsehole. I guess hidden away as a back office scouting guy is the best place for him.


Injury-ravaged over-the-hill Jordy Nelson cut by the Packers and replaced by…Jimmy Graham. Hmm.

Malcolm Butler to Tennessee for a little over $12m a year. I reckon they’ll regret that one.


Paul Richardson (formerly of the Seahawks) to the Redskins for $40m over 5 years, $20m guaranteed. Had 1300 yards and 8 TDs last year. No, wait, that’s over his ENTIRE NFL CAREER.

Watkins contract suddenly seems a bit more realistic.


Some crazy money flying about isn’t there (I know the cap is always going up etc etc). I’m a little underwhelmed by what the Lions have done so far but I don’t think there’s a single deal out there that I wish they’d taken up instead.


It’s mainly the QB (Bradford, Cousins, Mike Glennon’s never-ending neck) and receiver (Watkins, Lee, Richardson, the KC guy who I can’t even remember) money that seems completely crazy to me, for absolutely bang average players at the positions. So if the Lions don’t really need either of them, and (not being a Lions fan) I’d say they don’t really, you’re probably better off hanging fire for now.


Lions were apparently very in on Sherman and Butler, but both proved too rich for them. Same with Burton and Graham, and I imagine it’ll be the same with some D-line guys. All those players might be a help, but at the money they’re going for, it sort of makes you more content with what they’ve already got.


It’s making my quite nervous about why Robinson was relatively ‘reasonable’? WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIM?!?
(I really like the fits of Robinson, Gabriel, and (with reservations) Burton for Chicago, and the spare cap space still remaining goes some way to justifying overpaying for the last of those)

That middle ground is frustrating though, where your team is decent across the board, but needs improving almost everywhere to make the jump. Keep getting the 12-18 pick in the draft and getting another 2-3 good young players, but losing 2-3 to injury or contracts.

I do like the jets signings outside of the QBs, which is a bit much - got to assume they’re going to trade out of pick 6 now? How can they develop a rookie QB with McCown starting and Bridgewater needing reps to learn the O? Trade down would probably give them the ammo to attack next year tbf, with less competition for a top QB?


The Saints have been in a similar boat so far. Missed out on Graham and Mo Wilkerson to the Packers (new regime, new rules over there eh?), Malcolm Butler to the Titans and Moncrief to the Jags. However, the first day of FA is always pretty mad and people end up paying way over the odds. We did it in the past with Jairus Byrd and Fleener. Quite enjoying the fact we are showing restraint.

Hopes at the moment: a TE better than Fleener (I’m waiting for the call from Sean Payton, but seriously maybe Austin Seferian-Jenkins) and a corner. Hope we re-sign Alex Okafor too.

Meanwhile, that WR money…:dizzy_face: … we better start saving for Michael Thomas now.


Has Seferian Jenkins been taken yet? He could be a really nice option. Not that the Saints need a lot to stay in the hunt, now Brees is back on board.

And yeah, get Thomas locked up! Maybe even resign Snead as good depth?


Yeah ASF is still out there. Think Eifert might be a free agent too? Anyone would be better than Fleener really.

I would love to re-sign Snead but he fell out with Sean Payton last year and Payton doesn’t seem like the most forgiving guy. Can’t see it happening… We should definitely be in the market for a smaller, pacy receiver if he does go. Landry would have been perfect, think Jordan Matthews has also been mentioned.


heard Falcons are looking at ASJ. Levine Toilolo got cut.


Ah didn’t know that about Snead/Payton. Eifert is fantastic when he plays but I’d want him alongside a solid but dull TE to cover for his injuries.

Matthews would be a great add, seems like he’s a forgotten man for some reason.


sad about ASF leaving the jets, no idea who we’ll replace him with…


Honey badger dropped so that the cardinals can sign Bradford for 20M and glennon for a few. Ooooo k. Watch out Miami! Arizona is coming for you!


That division is a mess. I’ll be really disappointed if the Saints don’t get him. New Orleans born, LSU star, we’re releasing Vaccaro and Rafael Bush has gone so we need a new strong safety / slot corner. It makes too much sense tbh, he’s probably gonna end up with the free-spending Green Bay Packers.


Just to add to this, and sorry to go all Sky Sports Deadline Day yellow ticker, he’s apparently currently in New Orleans for a charity benefit…


Great player and all-round super guy Joe Thomas has retired. Probably the best left tackle ever stuck on the worst team ever. The league (and especially Cleveland) didn’t deserve him.