What’s a Catch? The NFL 2018 Offseason Thread


Something deeply tragic and oddly poetic about this. Fare thee well, Joe Thomas. We hardly knew thee.


If you didn’t know who this was, it would be very hard to date this picture.


Struggling to come to terms with the Lions cutting Eric Ebron. They save $8.25m this year, but lose essentially all TE production with it. Ebron was a top ten TE - it might make sense if they were going to splash the cash elsewhere, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to?

I hope he does well somewhere else. He was treated awfully by most Detroit fans as a proxy for his drafting - yes, he shouldn’t have gone above Donald, Beckham etc, but that wasn’t his fault. He deserves better.

Fucked if I know what Quinn and co are doing.


I absolutely love it


Jerick McKinnon has gone to the 49ers and is now the fourth highest paid RB. £30m over 4 years, $12m guaranteed this year, which is second most. What in the living…?


There have been some full on WEIRD deals handed out. Hubbard getting 18M guaranteed after a few… fine? games in a really good steelers line, the overblown WR2/3 deals (Wilson getting 8M a year from Miami, Richardson getting 20M guaranteed from Washington, Gabriel getting 14M guaranteed from Chicago), 20M for Bradford - that’ll be, what, 4M a game?

Still can’t get over Arizona. spending 24M next year on Bradford and Glennon, but letting a young face of the franchise go in Mathieu? Sure he may have been being overpaid, but might as well see what happens next year, no?

I tend to think as long as the guy starts and is functional, it’s good to have him, even if you overpay a wee bit to get him. It’s when players start getting rotated out of the starting line up that it becomes a problem. Unless you’re a piece or two a way I suppose, and hard up against the cap, but if you’re really unlikely to make even the playoffs next year… just keep your best players and proper starters, so much changes in a couple of years


Trying to figure out when transition tags get resolved (ie when other teams can no longer make offers, and the player is then going to definitely play out the season under the tag, unless the team he’s with give him a new contract), and I came across the use of Poison Pill contracts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transition_tag#“Poison_Pills”

Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.


HUMINAH HUMINAH jets trade into top 3, giving up early and late second rounder this year, and their second rounder next year (proooobably gonna be early innit)

Fantastic for the colts, should probably still be able to get Chubb - browns have to go QB early now surely, giants surely either trade that pick for a QB or take one themselves, QB for jets, browns will take Barkley or fitz over Chubb?, broncos far more likely to go QB than edge… colts. Plus 3 second rounders. Nice



Now that the bulk of free agency is done we can get back to what the off-season is really about: crime.


“The push to change the rule likely sputtered when coaches became involved in the discussion. The biggest concern with making DPI a 15-yard penalty is that it could incentivize defensive backs to grab receivers if they’re beat deep.”

“Those in favor of changing the rule cited the impact a single, subjective, big pass interference call can have in the outcome of the game. In 2017 there were 129 defensive pass interference penalties of more than 15 yards, per ESPN”

Seems like there’s probably never going to be a version of the rule which would eliminate both issues, unless they could have some sort “flagrant/cynical pass interference” stay as the length of pass, and then have marginal 50/50 ones be 15 yards


I read earlier today that the suggestion of ‘15 yard max, unless for flagrant/cynical which would be spot’ is under consideration. It’s still subjective obviously, and I assume would remain non-reviewable, but it would probably improve the situation?

Catches and weird combo of ‘arbitrary ball spot + super precise chain measurement’ are my two bug bears. When they used the piece of card to see if the nose of the ball was at the end of the chain or not :’)



That cheerleader stuff is ridiculous - I get the teams don’t want scandal, and that they feel they can’t replace players as easily as cheerleaders or whatever… but seriously, if a player turns up to a restaurant one of the ladies is already at, she has to leave asap? Or she has to figure out players’ alt accounts and block them?


Read through that as well. It’s crazy also how little they are paid and I would assume they would have to practice a lot and do press, so would not be able to work another job and they can’t get sponsorship, like the players do. Sounds like she should have a good chance of winning, as other team cheerleaders have been successful


Suh to the Rams, $14m for the year. Win now mode, thy name is Ndamukong.




Going to be great when Donald and Suh play in Detroit this year. Oh, what could have been.


That Rams D versus Seattle’s O-line twice a year is going to be a complete bloodbath at this rate


Von Miller plays same April Fools joke for second consecutive year, still catches my brother out