What’s a Catch? The NFL 2018 Offseason Thread


The Rams are having a nuts offseason - can only assume they’re giving themselves a 2-year window before severe financial doom


Shame they’re probably out of the Beckham market though.


That’s the default plan for winning the Superbowl now.

Step 1. Draft franchise quarterback on cheapo rookie contract.
Step 2. Check to see if franchise QB is actually good. If it looks like he is, congratulations! Proceed to step 3. Otherwise go back to step 1. If you are the Browns, just do step 1 over and over.
Step 3. Fling resources at the team. You have two years to win a Superbowl before your QB’s next contract sinks the team, go crazy. Trade draft picks, free agency, sell a leg, do whatever it takes.
Step 4. Win Superbowl! Have you won the Superbowl? If yes, well done, that will compensate you for having to use your entire salary cap on your QB and picking people out of the crowd to form your offensive line. If not, :grimacing:


(sorry non-NFL content)

didn’t know this was a thing but I bet it’s awesome, came out today



This is a laugh:


How nice are some of these?



really like the Bears ones, and the Vikings. Impressive that the Browns can even maintain their awfulness across an entirely hyopthetical cross-sport design exercise. There’s nothing they can’t drag down, seemingly.


The white Jacksonville kit looks like it’s been soiled.


Surprised they’ve somehow managed to make bad looking Chargers uniforms there.

Reminds me of this from a couple years ago: http://www.footballasfootball.com


Would quite happily she’ll out my hypothetical gambling winnings on one of the Houston ones :heart_eyes:


Had a thought this morning as I read some mock drafts. Everyone agrees that it’s hard to pick a franchise QB, right? No guarantees of success. So what if the Browns pick QB 1 AND 4? Yes yes, lots of other needs, Saquon Barkley, and so on, but they NEED a franchise QB. They get two shots at it this way.

(I know they won’t but it’s worth considering)


“Au contraire Marge, we’ve ruined two perfectly good quarterbacks”

(serious point: franchise QBs are the product of circumstance rather than lucky drafting. Drafting two would likely result in a failure to correctly develop either)


anyone else watching this? pretty good if you like the other All Or Nothing series


ah is it up now? Good stuff, I’ll dip in soon. Watched the Cowboys second hard knocks recently, wonder how much will have changed (been working through the old ones in reverse order, half way through the Chiefs’ run, which I think is the only one not narrated by Liev Schreiber, and has Paul Rudd instead, big Chiefs fan apparently).

Re the 2 QBs thing - I’ve heard it mentioned a couple of times, and I don’t mind it in theory, but I think it ties into the adage of ‘if you’ve got two QBs, you’ve got none’. I don’t mind having a senior guy and a rookie if you’re trying to find your franchise QB, but two rookies would be too easy to chop and change whenever the current starter looks bad.

Can’t believe the Browns would actually go down the Allen route. Really don’t know much college stuff at all, but everything I hear about him sounds really bad?! Other than if you place a man anywhere on the field and tell him to throw it there, he can, even if it’s 75 metres away.

From what I’ve gathered - Rosen looks good, if maybe a bit Alex Smith like (maybe Matt Ryan is fairer?), Darnold looks like he could be Luck-esque if they can sort out the ball handling and footwork (not a given, but I think more fixable than basic accuracy), Mayfield I have no idea about, but I prefer the idea of him than Allen. Rudolph and Jackson, dunno, but interested to see how high they go (one drops to 2nd, one goes top 15?)


Watched some of USC at the end of the college season, really didn’t see anything special about Darnold. Throws picks with Bortlesish abandon.

Haven’t seen much of Rosen but he seems like a much more solid choice. The narrative about him being a prick seems total bollocks. You could apply all the same criticisms to Aaron Rodgers.

I think Mayfield might be real stud QB of this draft. He has Russell Wilson-esque abilities.

(I will some day rue all these words I’m sure).


oh yeah, the interception proclivity too, knew there was something else. Pretty worrying.

Mayfield could well be in that Wilson/Watson camp of making stuff happen when it breaks down, but it’s hard to bank on. I think I’d probably go Rosen for a decent roster with no QB or Darnold for a terrible team, but both reasonable top 3 picks, then Mayfield in the 5-8 range (ie Broncos or a trade up), then everyone else is a bit hold your nose and jump in if they come to you (eg Dolphins or Cardinals if they stay put).

Barring trade downs (I’ll allow trade ups though), what do folks want their team to do in the first round?

Chicago - Chubb; Nelson; next best Edge guy (so Landry or Davenport) [fin]. I can see why Fitzpatrick would be interesting to them though, it’d allow them to get really creative especially in combo with Floyd, which they haven’t had a chance to do yet. But Edge is such a huge need, and so hard to get outside of the first round or 2 of the draft. Take edge early, then trade down later to get more picks whilst picking up interior lineman in the second. An OLB and an IOL, and the bears would actually have a team of Professional Starters (but zero depth)


Haven’t really looked at a lot of the top guys because the Lions are picking at 20. I’d like one of:

Edge players (Landry, Davenport)
DT (Hurst, Taven Bryan, maybe Payne)
IOL (Hernandez, Wynn)

Ideally they could trade back and still get one of those, and another pick in the second, where we can take an RB (Chubb / Michel, not too bothered) and whichever of DL / OL they didn’t take in the first. A lot of people mocking RB to the Lions at 20, particularly Guiece, but I’d rather not.


Yeah, I’m not keen on first round RB, unless you have a stacked roster aside from that and are challenging for title, or you have multiple first round picks. Way too much value later, way too much propensity for injuries.


75M over 5 years for Landry, 47 or so guaranteed. A loooot of money, but he would be a great security blanket for a young QB and the browns pretty much have to overpay to get anyone half decent long term. Plus with all these rookies coming in, they’re either going to have loads of rookie contracts if they draft well, and it doesn’t really matter if they draft badly.