What’s actually the point of this?

What does it do for me?

jing-er zinge-er

That’ll put the lead back on your pipes, sunshine!

It tastes nice but a bit generic

lid seems disproportionately large

you’re making me self conscious


I usually get the Tezza own brand version of this with my meal deal. My reasons are as follows:

  • Low cal
  • I have lots of free drinks options at work including my beloved Diet Coke, but still need to get a drink with the meal deal
  • Vaguely good for you?

Classic James White

Its tiny though.

Makes your hair ginger.

Lame name. Doesn’t even rhyme.


Saw some of M&S’s own-brand ones the other day. It was like £3 for a mouthful-sized bottle of flavours that shouldn’t be combined. I wonder who’s buying them?

EDIT: I mean, look at it: https://www.marksandspencerfoodhall.co.uk/product/turmeric-caynne-shot--8c01a3fb-4349-47a9-8ecf-1c71cf2c3a82

EDIT2: Fucking ‘Wheatgrass and kale’?!! https://www.marksandspencerfoodhall.co.uk/product/wheatgrass-kale-shot--c3fc032d-3d10-4dc4-95e2-279466c2f6a6

Yes, but as above, I want a low cal option, so it’s a better choice for me than a smoothie or equivalent, even though that does admittedly reflect “better” value for money.