What’s for Breakfast?

Inspired by the wheatabix thread, tell us what you have for breakfast?

Standard and fancy

I had toast today cos i forgot about cereal
had cereal for lunch instead




Sausages, beans, spinach, hash brown, poached eggs


Pudding pantry / McDons delivery

We’re getting quite perverted with it now and to stave of boredom of having one cereal on mon-fri have a mix of

Dorset cereal muesli
Special K
Sultana Bran
Chopped banana

Do a layer of each cereal and chopped banana on top, add oat milk.

  • Perverted and wrong
  • Good and fine

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My standard is one of these breakfast drinks, easy to pick up and take on the go and doesn’t need refrigeration

For a ‘fancy’ breakfast I actually prefer Eggs on toast or beans on toast and a bit of fruit.

Don’t have breakfast really, normally a couple of whatever biscuits are lying around when I get to work.

standard: Jumbo oats with almond milk, tablespoon of almond butter (i cant tell if this is too much almond butter to be “healthy”), 1 x banana chopped up, berries chopped up (strawbs, raspbs and blackberries), chia seeds, golden linseeds and flaked almonds

fancy: thai jasmine rice, fried egg, gochujang sauce, cucumbers, avocado


One of either:

  • porridge with stewed apple and chia seeds
  • museli or apricot wheats w/oat milk
  • crumpets w/peanut butter
  • a pastry (normally after a bike ride)
  • toast w/peanut butter

It really depends.


smoked salmon bagel

Fancy: 3x bacon, 3x sausage, scrambled egg, hogs pudding, beans, mushrooms, fried bread, hash browns.


Standard: Normally nothing. Maybe a couple of rounds of toast if we have bread in.

Fancy: Eggs benedict

they’re boggin if they’re not cold though

im gonna wake up tomorrow to theo telling me how jumboats don’t ever cook

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i really want this

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Fancy (weekday): egg (fried or scrambled), beans, toast hot sauce

Fancy (weekend): egg(s), veggie sausages, beans, bagel, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes fried with garlic and thyme, maybe some hash browns, fancy veggie bacon if we’ve any in


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Apricot wheats.

Got some toasted cinnamon apple oats stuff on the go at the moment for a break.

SO good. I got it from David Chang on instagram who made it during lockdown as a lockdown brekkie. He has it on his instagram tv as “eggs in the time of covid-19”

Standard is toast
Fancy is anything with the toast or porridge