What’s for Breakfast?

I don’t think so, but I don’t like really cold drinks/food so :woman_shrugging:

Do you reckon it’s weird how lots of countries don’t have specific breakfast foods, they just the same as lunch and dinner?

Or are we the weird ones for having 100 different types of cereal?

i am now watching this

  • Monday-Thursday: ‘regular’ cereal with milk (usually cornflakes, mini shredded wheat, maybe weetabix)
  • Friday: toast and jam
  • Saturday: either toast and jam, or pancakes (with maple syrup, strawberries and blueberries) or a sausage bap, or a Full English.
  • Sunday: some kind of nice cereal - granola or oats or something like that.

Standard list:

  • 2 fried egg on toast
  • Shreddies
  • Muesli and yoghurt

Special list:

  • Staffy oatcakes (beans and cheese and heaps of butter)
  • Leftover custard from tea the day before
  • Croissants/pastries


Same, unless I’m in a hotel.

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Pineapple, orange juice and banana smoothie and avocado on toast. Usually it’s a hot drink and cereal (yesterday was a matcha latre and crunchy nut cornflakes). Fancy is pancakes or anything else that requires standing at the stove

If lockdown had taught me anything is that I pissed away so much money on food and drink that I can make myself just as well at a fraction of the price

It’s true, breakfast foods are a social construct. I’ll eat dinner leftovers happily for breakfast, had stir fry for breakfast the other day. This Chinese takeaway near me does really really really delicious black bean tofu with rice and it is even more delicious thr next morning, love saving half of it for breakfast

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Normal: cornflakes or porridge (in the winter), two slices of toast and marmite, mug of tea.
Fancy: bacon and/or sausage sandwich, large pot of tea.

Every day, in this season: Porridge m8. 50/50 rolled and steel cut oats, 70/30 milk/water, with some frozen berries (generally blueberries and raspberries), honey and hazelnuts.

Weekends is normally eggs (generally soft-boiled and peeled) on toast with parmesan and chilli.

I abhor routine but usually some variety of toast and coffee

mon-fri - overnight oats, blueberries, banana
sat-sun - eggs one day, pancakes the other

never get sick of any of these


I don’t have a routine. one of:

  • muesli
  • granola
  • muesli and granola
  • toast
  • crumpet
  • bagel
  • some fruit with lemon juice on it
  • some fruit with yoghurt and lemon juice on it
  • some warm bread and a little dish of high quality olive oil and salt
  • a sliced tomato and some chunks of cucumber with some high quality olive oil on it

I had chocolate shreddies today

I take breakfast very seriously

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Breakfast is for wimps


Just coffee. Occasionally a smoothie. Never eat breakfast, unless I’m with someone else. Like, since being an adult I can guarantee that not once have I woken up and gone to the kitchen and made like… eggs or something before midday.
Terrible habit really

This morning - eggs & soldiers
Usual - knäckebröd with liver pâté or cheese
Occasional - all bran with banana froosh
Weekend brunch - levain toast, scrambled egg, salmon, avocado, mushrooms, tomatoes