What’s for dinner?


I have to go shopping and I need inspiration. What are you eating tonight?


Scampi, and chips from the Chinese across the road.


I might get some southern fried mini fillets from Bo’s, whack em in the oven and then whack em in a wrap with a bit of mayo, bbq sauce and lettuce.


:burrito: or :hamburger: and a few :beer:


Leftover Indian from last night (ordered lots so I wouldn’t need to leave the house today). Yum.


Butternut squash, cannelini beans, and sausage stew


This is the decision I make that I am most consistently pleased about of any decisions that I make five or so times a year.


Travelling back to an empty flat so erm, I’m not sure actually :thinking:

Might get a pizza in.




I am having brown rice bowls with tofu and green veg and some bits


no matter how much i order it never seems to make it to the next day


You should order more


i’m having chilli prawn courgetti spaghetti tonight


Idk!!! I was gonna have pasta but lunch ended up being pasta (dunno what happened to falafel Tuesday). Might just get some bread and cucumber and cheese and crisps and stuff and have a picnic.


Doesn’t matter how much I order with the intention of saving it for tomorrow. Its not surviving breakfast the next morning yo. :(((


It’s also hopefully the kind of decision making that’ll land me the victory in the third annual 2018 no leaving the house championship, if I’m around for it


Panko tofu


Quorn Bolognese. Trying to get rid of tinned and frozen goods before moving innit


I think I want tacos. I probably only had them about 10 days ago though.


Ah, we’re cheating and using a old el paso kit. Still gonna be tasty mind.