What’s going on here then

I was looking on google maps and saw that a Navteq car was captured on google maps. Navteq is a rival of google maps. So 2 mapping cars happened to be going down the same road at the same time?!

  • That is what is happening and it is somewhat incredible
  • That is what is happening and it is incredibly boring
  • That is not what is happening
  • What are the chances?!
  • This thread is incredibly boring
  • That’s actually quite crazy

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I could have got a ‘hilarious’ news story out of this!

Unfortunately I don’t think we will get the Navteq viewpoint as nobody has ever used their bing maps to look for stuff. Sorry guys

they’re in cahoots

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Quite angry you didn’t spell that carhoots tbh mate.

carhoots yeah you can

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Honktracted out to Navteq innit. They use multiple cars to map the same areas. Would take ages for someone to drive around and map an entire neighbourhood, and there are employment laws which mean you have to stop every now and then to prevent exhaustion.

if i ever meet Ed Gamble i am not going to be able to stop myself from saying this to him

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