What’s going on in your neighbour WhatsApp group?

Someone’s boiler is showing a fault code and seeing if anyone has had the same issue, and someone else has had to park in someone else’s space because it’s too icy / slipping getting up the hill to their house (it’s all ok tho!)

Great stuff!

What’s going on on your neighbourhood WhatsApp group?

God knows, not joining one of those anytime soon


This sounds dangerously like you’d only know about it if you talked to your neighbours beyond keeping the occasional parcel for them. Not happening here (London), thank you very much!

Usually against these things but now I’m a leaseholder I’d quite like one just to build some links and help hold the freeholder to account.

Would never join

Not been anything posted this week.

Last week was someone pointing out the 2 male pheasants that were on the green. It was quite a lovely sight.

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Why do you all hate your neighbours


We have a street Facebook group

Someone’s partners lost their wallet, think it might have fallen out their pocket when they got out of a cab last night

Sorry that wasn’t meant to be a reply to you

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I’ve got it muted obv. Just had a look, lot of bin chat, something about a cat, update on when the rotary club Santa is coming to the street (last night, I knew about it anyway)

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Would rather communicate with people out of some sort of choice not just where they live

What about if it pertains to local matters

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Just figure it out myself


Its been quiet for months now. Only ever any action when someone wants someone else to move their car.

There’s a private facebook group for the posh houses on the other side of the road, but us plebs aren’t allowed to join

I’m in one. The people on my street are mostly nice.

  • Asking for recommendations for Chinese takeaways.
  • Françoise - 75 year old French proto hipster - looking for exhibition recommendations.
  • I got given loads of wine by a mate who moved away, so requests for me to hide cases in the front garden for people to take.
  • Quite a lot of terrible banter

TV is a member of ours and constantly complains about the endless nimby-ish posting.

Personally, I prefer the time honoured tradition of a slight head nod at our immediate neighbours on the occasions I pass them in the street…

There are a lot of dogs on our street, and every few weeks someone posts a picture of a shit on their lawn with a passive aggressive comment.

One of the dog people invariably respond with “could be a cat” and as the cat person I quietly reflect on the likelihood of a cat shitting like a great Dane, but tend to keep out of it.

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Joined it just before Halloween and it’s been absolutely batshit so far. Someone posted some really dubious forwarded picture message on Halloween warning about some man trying to entice local teenage girls with “candy” and it sent the whole place into a frenzy for a week. People checking doorbell camera footage and going on patrols and everything. I’m almost certain the original message was copied off the internet.


I know my neighbours’ names but I draw the line there.