What’s good in Leeds these days?

Gonna be there in a few weeks and wondered what’s new in town.
Haven’t been for 3 years and even then it was a few visits over 5 years.

So we won’t be going out a ton, but what are some good restaurants we can pick up from?
Bonus for vegetarian places! Or a good breakfast place.

Also tell me the name of that sprinkles twat from last weeks shop so I can avoid it.

Also is the German Market there? Is the Chestnut Man there? Is the Jacket Potato Man there? And lastly and most importantly, is the Barrel Man still there?

The indoor market is really good these days - there’s a big area with lots of different food outlets. I highly recommend the Banh Mi but there is pretty much everything you could want available.


Bundobust is pretty great for vege Indian stuff.

There’s a similar thread from the summer that’s got similar info.

Ah yeah! They’d just started that up last time I was there. Will be checking it out, thanks!

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Honestly wasn’t that into Bundobust. Thanks I’ll check through that thread but I still need to know about the Barrel Man!

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Re veggie places

New veggie place on kirkstall road

Not been yet but heard decent things.

I like Donner Summer near the corn exchange for veggie kebabs too

Owt is my favourite food place at the minute it’s in the corn exchange breakfasts are lovely.

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There’s a good place for Ful in the market.

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Barrel Man is still there, don’t sweat.

Safebruv ain’t wrong, Owt’s the best food in Leeds by a mile and the veggie/vegan options are always great. Breakfast and lunch, late night opening on Thursday.

Good wine and the owners lovely too



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Great M, tbf.

I never learnt to drive in the UK and when we visited last we flew into London and rented a car to drive up. Made my husband drive and it was a fuckin nightmare. 20 minutes in and we end up at one of the worst roundabouts in the world!

Look at this fuckin thing.

Anyway. Don’t think we will ever drive over there again.


Not to hijack the thread but are trains from Leeds- Manchester mad expensive these days? Flying into Leeds next weekend for a gig in Manchester

about £25 return

If you can book a specific train off peak you can get it dirt cheap


On the upside though the M1 presents many leaving Leeds options

Top, top bantz

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Ships in the night


Train station (back to London)