What’s good in that London at the moment?


Off on a solo London trip to see Nine Inch Nails on Sunday. Coach gets in early so have a couple of hours to kill. Any recommendations for things to do or pubs with decent beer where I can sit in a corner with a pint and read for a bit near the Albert Hall?


In before a fellow non Londoner says it’s all shit.


You’re so close to Hyde Park you may as well pop up to Kensington Gardens and go round the Serpentine Galleries, they’re free:



the train to glasgow


M & M World → Garfunkel’s → China Whites → Stringfellow’s → Spearmint Rhino


Will there be time for the London Eye in this itinerary?




^this. There’s that new sculpture in the Serpentine lake, plus this year’s summer pavilion has just opened.


Have you taken yourself up the OXO Tower?


Think the royal albert hall is near some museums


Hi, I work just opposite the RAH. The beer selection is fucking shit around here. Within walking distance, the only place I can recommend is the Mall Tavern.


Take yourself up the West End


^This is a tricky one as there are very few pub options near The Albert Hall - something to do with the area originally being developed by members of The Temperance Movement I believe. That said, if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands I would take a wander along the south side of Hyde Park and take a couple of jars in this gaff which is bloody lovely:



Shall we have a separate ‘things to do in London board’?


Looks good, thanks!


Yeah. University and my first job was around South Kensington. Crap area for pubs. Maybe look for stuff happening a few tubes stops away from The Royal Albert Hall.

(My token joke answer would be to go to Camden Market and buy a t-shirt with words on it.)


No probs man! Quite a few nice boozers up near Lancaster Gate if you’re gonna have a wander through Hyde Park. Enjoy NiN!


Big fan of this pub, on a mews just minutes away from the venue.



Can you tell me of these, please? Work by Lancaster Gate and all my post-work pub trips have been lacking.


I quite like the Mitre, good for a quiet pint and a read as per the op but maybe a bit too old man for post-work? Tables out the front are nice.