What’s hurting at the moment?

Chat encouraged.

I’ve got tennis elbow in my right arm from schlepping a kid and a load of luggage on the London Underground. Also have a pain that comes and goes on my kneecap. And all the emotional hurt of existence of course but that’s a background hum really.

Any pain to report?

Sciatica is still flaring up in my lower back, down one leg and in my butt. My weird elbow-bobble is a bit achey and I ran out of omeprazole so I’m very heartburny.


Might as well just go to the graveyard, lie down and wait for the inevitable.


Bump/bruise and cut on my right foot from dropping the showerhead on it

Some fingers from biting too much

Right shoulder/arm - 11+ year untreated injury

Badly sprained wrist from lifting. It’s slowly improving, at its worst my wife was having to operate the handbrake when I was driving.

Felt a twinge in my left calf, walking up a grass bank on a dog walk about a week ago. Been a bit tight and sore since.

Oh yeah got 2 work-related cuts on my right hand and a caustic burn on my wrist.

My left knee is sore – I think I sit funny on it when I’m working and then running has aggravated it.

Also pulled a muscle in my side lugging a heavy suitcase up a couple of flight of stairs at the start of the week, more of a dull ache now.

Urination, water infection innit.

Hands, probably benching with bad wrist form

Ulna pain when rotating wrists. Typing, climbing, knitting and guitar lolz

Back - chronic lower back pain from being the wrong shape for 39 years. A constant companion for over a decade now.

Achilles blister - new shoes, innit

Right hamstrings - from walking home funny yesterday to avoid aggravating the blister.

Shoulders for no real reason but because there’s no reason, I’ve made up that it’s the metaphorical weight of anxiety draped over me and prescribed myself lots of rest and naps to combat this :massage_woman:

My foot. Have I mentioned it? It is getting better -slowly- and for now I am but a penguin in a world of gulls

Nothing hurting, I’m just sneezing my head off

Carried and dragged about 60kg worth of shite from house to airport to destination last week and my shoulder and lower back still haven’t forgiven me.

Foot, inside of left ankle specifically, still fucking hurting and not healing after a month

Shoulders hurt from being on crutches and having zero upper body strength

I’ve also got a headache

Slightly stiff/sore knees from ‘hiking’ yesterday but fine really given my knees are dodgy af.
Get a weird thing where the tendon ? between top of foot and bottom of.leg gets sore and the surrounding muscles sometimes swell after driving just from the position you have to hold the foot on the accelerator.

Really wanted to bring some CBD oil back from the UK but it’s not legal in Sweden (if it has thc in anyway).

Yeah - sadly Sweden is very punitive and I’m very risk-averse (and waiting for citizenship) so…