What’s in your ideal vending machine

There’s a vending machine outside your office and front door, what’s in it.


  • 4 chocolate
  • 4 crisps
  • 4 drinks
  • 2 miscellaneous




  • Boost, Crunchie, Dark Chocolate Bounty (healthy option), Mint Poppets
  • Ham and Mustard Brannigans, Chilli Doritt, two blank slots because crisps are shit
  • Cherry Pepsi Max, a sugar free ginger beer, blood orange San Pellegrino, emergency Irn Bru for hangovers
  • disposable razor for when I’ve missed a bit shaving; set of tweezers so I can get stray eyebrow hairs without ripping out half an eyebrow with thumb and forefinger

peanut butter grenade
fulfil salted caramel
clif bar (rotating flavour)

steak mccoys
buffalo synder’s
orange doritos
hot doritos

frijj milkshake (rotating flavour)
dr pepper zero
oasis zero
irn bru

blue diamond habanero almonds
chuggy (don’t care what kind)


my exact reasoning

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Chocs: Vego Bar, Pulsin Salted Caramel Brownie, Lindt dark choc, Kit Kat (for if i’m feeling naughty and i had one the other day and it was amazing?!)
Crisps: Salt and Vinegar Pop Chips, Ready Salted Hoola Hoops, Blue Corn Tortillas, Sweet and Salty popcorn (from Pret)
Drinks: San Pelly (plain), Cawstons Rhubarb, Gingerella, Diet Coke.
Misc: Extra Strong Mints, Bananas (always restocked daily and always slightly green)

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How often you having a Frijj?

really need to get some lunch before reading any more of this thread

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Save it for Thursday please.


chocolate: (far too many chocolate compared to crisps imho)

  • kinder bueno
  • snickers
  • daim
  • crunchie


  • skips
  • nice n spicy nik naks
  • frazzles
  • some sort of thick, ridged, straightforward ready salted kind


  • iced tea
  • san pelly (rotating)
  • yazoo (friday feeling)
  • irn bru/lucozade also for those hungover days


  • tin of rice pudding
  • angel delight and milk
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not that often tbf. after a long bike ride or something, a frijj is pretty banging

Lion, Peanut Butter Kit Kat chunky, Boost, Dark Chocolate bar
Bacon Wheat Crunchies, flamin hot Monster Munch, S & V crisps (any), Beef & Mustard branningans
Coca cola, Fanta, Fanta Lemon, Can of 5% beer
Bag of sports mixture, Chocolate Hobnobs


every cunt saying ‘rotating’ can fuck right off. COMMIT.


I used to like the choc brownie one.

Don’t think I could stomach one now tho

Not veggie anymore :frowning:

Oh wait you mean plain as in sparkling water? Sorry I’m an idiot, I’m sure that’s still veggie

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  • 4 chocolate: Munchies, M&Ms, Rolos, Boost
  • 4 crisps: Monster Munch (pickled onion), Monster Munch (roast beef), Monster Munch (flaming hot), McCoys (S&V)
  • 4 drinks: Vanilla Coke, Orange Mirinda, 7UP, Irn Bru (original)
  • 2 miscellaneous: Blue Extra, Pink Lady apples
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  • Wispa, Chocolate Buttons, Malteaser bar, ordinary Galaxy (this is for during my period as it’s my monthly craving and therefore medicinal)
  • Salt and Vinegar McCoys, PIckled onion monster munch, heatwave Doritos, Tangy Toms or some equivalent ketchup option (might have to be a Europeman import - they know the score)
  • Full fat coke, 7-Up, Sparkling water, a non-dairy chocolate milk type thing (That Rebel choc orange is good)
  • Mars ice cream (if freezer capabilities are introduced), salted pistachios

What’s a chuggy

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