What’s in your lunchbox?

Got a pretty nice mustard and chorizo sanga on the go. Some reese’s butternut cups for dessert and a banana for the health.

Oh these too!

Eating an Upper Crust tuna mayo baguette on the train like the extremely important business person in the world of business that I am. No time to stop!

(couldn’t be arsed having lunch with my colleagues)

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Yeah lunch is a purely solitary pursuit in my eyes.

Gonna throw in some lunchbox chat, used to have this and googling it gave me all the #feels


Mustard and chorizo? :nauseated_face:

Had an onion bahji, cabbage and raita naan pita thing. Was alright.

The canteen there is pretty peng (am I using that right?). Last time I had the biggest serving of syrup sponge pudding that has ever been eaten by a human. For FREE!

but… cba

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I don’t mean chorizo, I mean salami :expressionless:

What a pita.

I had this one :blush:

Had leftover sushi for lunch today. It was possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to me ever. No exaggeration.



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Mustard and salami? :nauseated_face:

I had this one too!

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That is very sweet :grinning:

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A classic of the genre there.

That baguette barely touched the sides. Might get a Benito’s Hat on the way through Kings Cross to make up for skipping second breakfast…? No.

Goan chickpea and spinach soup with extra coriander and chilli and a flatbread

Mustard should be reserved for fish and chips, you’re right.

Although… maybe.

What the hell.