What’s in your lunchbox?


Got a pretty nice mustard and chorizo sanga on the go. Some reese’s butternut cups for dessert and a banana for the health.


Oh these too!


Eating an Upper Crust tuna mayo baguette on the train like the extremely important business person in the world of business that I am. No time to stop!

(couldn’t be arsed having lunch with my colleagues)


Chicken and pasta.

Also decided to go mental and get an alpro yoghurt so my colleagues see me as the next sid vicious


Yeah lunch is a purely solitary pursuit in my eyes.


Gonna throw in some lunchbox chat, used to have this and googling it gave me all the #feels


Mustard and chorizo? :nauseated_face:

Had an onion bahji, cabbage and raita naan pita thing. Was alright.


The canteen there is pretty peng (am I using that right?). Last time I had the biggest serving of syrup sponge pudding that has ever been eaten by a human. For FREE!

but… cba


I don’t mean chorizo, I mean salami :expressionless:


What a pita.


I had this one :blush:

Had leftover sushi for lunch today. It was possibly the best thing that’s ever happened to me ever. No exaggeration.




Mustard and salami? :nauseated_face:


I had this one too!


That is very sweet :grinning:


This is cool.

I had this one but it was yellow plastic


A classic of the genre there.


That baguette barely touched the sides. Might get a Benito’s Hat on the way through Kings Cross to make up for skipping second breakfast…? No.


Goan chickpea and spinach soup with extra coriander and chilli and a flatbread


Mustard should be reserved for fish and chips, you’re right.