What’s on your phone homescreen?

Just mentioned in this thread ( How have your music/radio/podcast listening habits changed over the last 2 years? ) about switching the podcast app with Spotify at the bottom of my screen.

Don’t think we’ve done one of these threads for a while (I did check @1101010 before you bite my head off!) and thought it might be interesting to see people’s goto apps and whether you’ve noticed any changes during pandemic.

My phone has camera apps to the fore due quick access to capture things for work. Messenger apps for all the different chats I’m in. Music and telly stuff. And then weather at a glance (have more widgets on other screens) (location hidden due to ongoing police advice) and quick access to maps when walking or driving.

All my social media apps are a few pages back to try to get me to use them less (obviously it doesn’t work)

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iPhone home screens make my brain itch

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It’s interesting how different and search based Google makes everything. I haven’t used Android for a while but is there a tap or swipe for apps?

you just swipe up to get to the app tray


I think it would only matter if it was within the last few months really.

Mine is my daughter so I won’t be posting it here.

After years of using Nova Launcher and custom app icon packages, I’ve left it as default Google settings. Still not totally sold, but it’s fine really. Prefer a totally clear homescreen if I’m being honest

The built-in Apple podcast app is so, so bad.

May I recommend the free Overcast app instead @sean ?

Haven’t changed it :man_shrugging:

Picture of family [redacted]

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Twydall my arse

I like using folders for most apps. Except Maps because I want that available within 1 click.

On brand background



Big clock, Apps button, gaping void.

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Minimalism and abstract impressions