What’s that thing where people drill a hole in their head?

Updated for clarity

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I’ve got plenty of holes that don’t get enough use, I’m not adding another one


I’d be too worried that my clumsy prodding would erase an important memory or something

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and also in the film pi which is a bloody great film all told.

Who is to say this exact thing hasn’t already happened to you, hey?


Some dull medical answers:

Only reason to drill your head is to remove a haematoma that is squishing your brain (and then I would probably ask a neurosurgeon to do it).

Heals over pretty quickly though - a single stitch in the skin is usually enough, although the bone will only grow back over a small hole.

Your brain juices (cerebrospinal fluid) will leak out of the hole until a clot forms. They aren’t under high pressure (like blood) but this will still dehydrate your brain somewhat. Think the worst hangover headache you have ever had for days.

Many people have had holes in their head for neurosurgery. As far as I’m aware none have developed transcendental new connections with the universe. No reason drilling one when asymptomatic should have such an effect, but the placebo effect can be a strange and powerful thing.


Pffft who asked for facts! Let me be one with the elements :brain: :hammer_and_wrench:

You’re not suppose to drill through your eye!

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YES OR NO dammit??!