What’s The Best Album This Year

Sun June innit

What I will say, is, as an older person that is perhaps too comfortable listening to my older records, that this year I am finding loads of great new music.

Maybe it’s the hopefully post lockdown and sense of something new, I’m not sure… but it’s shaping uo to be a halcyon year for music. Good material from many genres is dropping like crazy now.

Cassandra Jenkins innit


Been saying since it came out on Jan 1st it is Bob’s Son by R.A.P. Ferreira.

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Agree with this very much

You have no authority to say that


Armand Hammer, so far

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Been a real shit year so far. Hopefully Lana’s 2nd or Black Midi will be good

Maybe 36

She must absolutely fucking hate that video


It’s a tough call between, Mogwai, Dvne or Genghis Tron.

Favourites so far;

DVNE - Etemen Ænka
Hænesy - Garabontzia
Wolvennest - Temple
Mare Cognitum - Solar Paroxysm

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Genghis Tron or Mogwai for me so far. The Armed is creeping up there too.

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Wait, what? There’s new Genghis Tron?

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Yes and no – they’ve got a new vocalist and aren’t as gnarly as before, but I really like it. It’s called Dream Weapon.

Shame — Drunk Tank Pink


Pharoah Sanders, Floating Points & LSO
Andy Stott - Never the Right Time
Violet Mist - Prophecy 2096
Madlib & Fourtet - Sound Ancestoes
Elori Sax - Blue of Distance

There is a reasonable chance the new DARKSIDE album will be wonderful too.

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Bicep probably.


I like the weather station :woman_shrugging:


Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

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