What’s the best phone network?

Thinking of prying myself away from my current one but have no idea which are good. My current one included for honesty.

  • Vodafone
  • EE
  • Giffgaff
  • Three
  • O2
  • Plus net
  • Tesco mobile
  • Virgin
  • Other (please state)

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All help and feedback appreciated!

Generally much of a muchness nationally. Really depends where you live and what kind of deal suits you.

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i’ve been on O2 for years but Three seem decent

no idea at all, I’ve been on pay as you go with vodafone since I was 15

not Vodafone. would definitely go with someone else if I didnt get a significant work related discount with them.

tired of them boasting about how great their network is when half the time it’s shit for me, and any times I’ve asked if they’re going to improve their network coverage in areas near me where I can barely even get 3g they say it’s fine and actually my fault :clap:

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No complaints with SIM only giffgaff.


i’m really interested in flexibility, as my current provider has me locked in to this stupid idea where you can only ever ‘upgrade’ to something of an equal or higher priced tariff.

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id mobile sim only. no complaints other than sometimes I get 3g instead of 4g in really congested areas like London.

16gb/unlimited calls texts - 10 quid a month

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Was on EE but got a good deal with Virgin so switched to them. Found out while I was researching them that they use all the same infrastructure. Had no problems so far. Only place I don’t get signal is at work, but that place is a black hole for all networks.

Can’t remember which use which, but I think it said there are only two companies that own all the kit and the different networks use one or the other.

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O2 ripped me off for years.

GiffGaff are ace.

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Giffgaff don’t seem to offer much data tho? I am a data rinser- need about 50gb (but not entirely sure why…)

It’s gonna be Spotify isn’t it


I pay £20 for 20GB a month and I stream a lot of music.


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EE and Three share parts of their WAN (wide area networks) and O2 and Vodafone share parts of theirs through a joint venture company. However, there’s enough differences to say the UK still has four distinct Mobile Network Operators - the backhaul is all unique and they all have some of their own individual cell sites too.

Everyone else - GiffGaff, Tesco Mobile, Virgin etc are known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators. They basically bulk buy minutes, texts and bandwidth on the big 4s data networks and resell it - so if EE has crap coverage somewhere, Virgin will definitely be affected, whereas Three might not, despite their sharing deal.

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How on earth are you getting through that much data with LinkedIn?!

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I have no actual idea!!!

Gonna delete the app off my phone as it’s really not necessary to look at LI.

I mean, I definitely use it quite a bit as I find a lot of the articles shared very interesting… but yeah. Do not need it.

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10gig of Yammer as well. Should tell work to get to fuck :wink:

Ah in fairness I actually run Yammer at my work lol