What’s the best planet?

That’s a point, actually. They could do with revamping some of them, change up the textures. Cover one in feathers, for example. Would look lovely blowing around in a breeze

Mission accomplished. I think Mercury would be a lovely name for a girl.

Got these for Christmas. They’re so cute!!

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I hardly know 'er!



I’ve got an awesome set of wooden fridge magnets of the sun and planets.

I think it was from Muji.

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We could move the earth out past Neptune maybe, see how it changes the view. Just put some earth in a rocket and send it out there, then another rocket, then another, gradually rebuilding the earth bit by bit much further out. Would give us an opportunity to reorder some cities and towns that have got a bit messy as well as we rebuild them on Earth 2.

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I am SO sorry!

think the unwritten rule is that if a thread is more than 6 months old then it’s fine to recreate a new one

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It’s okay - we’re allowed to discuss the same thing more than once! I just posted it for reference

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Pretty sure I read/saw a thing* that said the only reason that Earth hasn’t been pelted into smithereens by asteroids and debris is because Jupiter’s so massive that its gravity catches all the deadly space nonsense before it gets a chance to blow us up.

Great bunch of planet, life here wouldn’t exist without it.

*maybe that Brian Cox planets series?


FYI: here are the planets by their HGATR scores, with their musical equivalents:

planet hgatr score equivalent
Mercury 2.93 Girls Aloud
Venus 3.5 Daft Punk
Earth 3.36 TV on the Radio
Mars 3.81 The Kinks
Jupiter 4.14 Joy Division
Saturn 4.64 Aretha Franklin
Uranus 3.45 The Flaming Lips
Neptune 3.4 Madonna
Pluto 3.11 Lana Del Rey

you know what, Uranus is probably the most underappreciated one because it’s only ever a silly joke to people.

if it had a sensible name, we’d see that it’s pretty great.

Uranus and Neptune for me, Clive.

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Guys, why are we limiting it to just the solar system?

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Hang on, what?! I thought the solar system was like… all of it?? The universe lives inside the solar system?

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In (Android: )Netrunner lore, the broadcasting/surveillance megacorp carved its logo on the moon, to be clearly visible from earth. I can imagine that, but an eagle.

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you’d just end up with a big ball of rubbish floating in the middle of the planet, and there would have to be ‘Please Don’t Drop Things Down The Planet Hole’ signs and infomercials

The solar system is our sun and the planets that orbit it, plus some other guff. It’s part of the Milky Way galaxy. The universe contains all the galaxies and a whole lot of nothing.

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But like, a LOT of nothing

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Hell no! There’s a whole universe out there…

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