What’s the best / worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone or that was played on you?

Discobot has spoken, and this is the first thread to be chosen from the great list.

It’s just a shame he’ll try to ruin this thread with a needy first reply.


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we once loaded the cards against an uncle during xmas games

top bants

can’t think of one, sorry

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Skillo gave some girl his number in Liquid one night out and it just so happened that Bazza got a new phone just afterwards so, rather than send Skillo a “this is my new number” message he messaged him pretending to be the girl from the club and kept a bit of a chat going for a week or so before arranging a date. They sorted a date out in the local 'spoons and said “I’ll be wearing a red top so you recognise me” then when Skillo turned up all us lot were there with red tops on and he was like “you bastards! hahahaha!” and then we had a decent night in 'spoons.


This sounds like great shabs and bants.

Nice one.


Was fucking good stuff mate. You should have seen his face, mate :joy:

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Classic Skillo


Poor Skillo, he already has some hang ups about his height.

No he doesn’t! The fuck are you on about!?

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It’d be really awkward if Skillo was still single and lonely all these years later though, wouldn’t it?


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He’s got a lovely partner, three kids (one of whom has just started in the local good seocndary school “I don’t know where he gets it from, his Mum is thick as shit as well!” was his response) and just got the keys to his first home. Bloody love Skillo.


I love a story with a happy ending.

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Hahaha! ^ Check out this practical joke guys!


my housemate who worked in theatre came home with a bag of rubber severed head props (they were used in the film ‘Gladiator’ actually) and I hid one in my other housemate’s bed, popping out the top of the duvet as if it was in bed and padded the body area with cushions etc.

had a filmed reaction but sadly lost.


I was about 15 and my dad frantically ran in the house and told me the fox had ripped open the bin bags outside and dragged my sanitary towels up the road for everyone to see.

Thanks dad.


i stopped believing the story at this point

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haven’t had a good meow’s dad story in a while. lovely stuff.


Mike called 10 year old me up and asked if I wanted to come round his house to play football. Nick was on the phone too, who I didn’t like, and hadn’t seen Mike for a while as they had become good friends.
I got ready and walked to Mike’s house and was excited as we had been really good friends for years, but hadn’t spent much time getting up to our old tricks!
I rang on the door and Mike’s mum answered.
“Hi, is Mike there?”
“Oh, no, he’s on a school trip to France”
“Oh…he called and said to come over…”
“Oh, I think he has played a trick on you,hahaha”

Hahaha ha ha ha. What a trick!