What’s The Craziest Thing Someone Said To You

Before the season started i told my spuds supporting brother in law that id rather have Willian than Son in our team…i have not been allowed to forget :see_no_evil:

Could be the craziest thing anyone has said to your brother-in-law.

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Here’s my number. Call me maybe?

Can’t believe you blanked Elon Musk like that

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(Yes, I am greggles)

god where to begin, but it’s probably when a woman from my mum’s church accosted me and my friend at the pub and told us how she saved Sarah Ferguson’s life in 9/11 through the power of prayer

Weird people flock to me :frowning:




Glad to hear it

I’d love to know what the craziest thing anyone has said to you? It must be pretty crazy to have inspired this thread.

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To Be Honest I Don’t Even Know

It’s nice to see you participating in pre-existing threads.

Ih wait, you started it! Sorry.


@RyanDamaskrnb do you consider the Big Mac a ‘complete meal system’?

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What You Mean