What’s the loudest sound your body makes?

For me personally, it’s nose blowing. Sounds like one of those long horns

Shouting I think


You know what, I didn’t even think of that.

Close the thread


No, keep it open! That’s just for me, it might not be the case for others!

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Sometimes when I’m over 90% sure I’m alone in the house ill let out some weird noises, they’re probably the loudest thing I do

If voices don’t count, I reckon it’s coughing

Oh right, yeah it’s shouting

Thank you, you’re right. Appreciate your input as always x

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No, sneezes! I’m a loud sneeze and I don’t do it for attention before anyone pipes up

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I think we’ve decided as a group to not include that one

My body makes odd noises with increasing frequency, it’s something I get from my Dad which he got from his Mum. Usually they’re kind of like long squeaks but sometimes they sound like a person saying “heeeeeeey” in a southern (USA) voice.

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have you ever put a headphone inside your mouth and played it loud to hear what stuff sounds like from inside your head

Yeah I like that

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pressing play on my banging speakers

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No but I’ve heard if you put a headphone up each nostril music will play out of your mouth

I’ve got a very loud clap. The clap of a far more substantial man


Maybe make it loudest sound this year. Dont think ive shouted that loud this year.

So its probably…actually shouted quite loud ‘Fuck’ when I grabbed a hot pan handle

So basically that’s another vote for shouting?
Thread is a farce, how humiliating

I reckon they’re being snide, pernickety bellends Kerm. Seems pretty clear that ‘sounds your body makes’ would NOT include ‘The voice’.

I reckon I can do a pretty loud belch if I put my mind to it

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my real answer is my tummy


Specific shouting is allowable, general shouting not.

Like tax accounting for provisions, yeah.

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