What’s the most irksome thing to happen to you so far this week?

For me, it was when I went to pick up a pack of bakery cookies at lunchtime and they’d sold out of milk chocolate ones. Had to settle for white chocolate or none at all.

How about you?

Walked to Hulme ASDA as it’s the only place I can ever find the barista oatly and they were all out.

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My team have won an award at work :grinning:

The prize is a team meal :neutral_face:

We’re going to a steak restaurant :persevere:


I applied for a job I don’t really want but am kind of obliged to go for, within the company I currently work for, and have been asked to go to a second interview. I want to take the redundancy money and take a new, better paid job elsewhere.

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Hopefully, I will get a new job and be able to tell them to stuff it (though politely). A friend of a friend, via Facebook, has given my details to his wife whose best pal runs her own company, with offices in London and New York. The vacancy hasn’t been advertised anywhere. The only people they’re interviewing are from referrals. Fingers crossed.


One of my colleagues just asked if we get time off to vote later.

(no, I don’t work in Parliament)

Got the cake shakes.

I went to four places to find a specific type of cell battery and none had it. Only realised too late that I forgot to check if the battery man on the market had them, which he probably did, what with being the battery man and all.


Someone repeatedly lied to my face in that interview. Irked.

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Should have gone all Claude Littner on them.


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Builders that do not get back to you despite saying that they will get back to you after making you send them all your details.

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Hendon 0-2 Hayes & Yeading United.

We’re never going to win (or draw) again.

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Not this again.

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just tried to make another poached egg, i literally cannot make them good

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On the plus side, we’re not that mob from Ruislip.

Is this your irk, or just a comment?

True enough!

And we did have three ‘shots’ on target.

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