What’s the most overrated crisp?

It’s pickled onion monster munch.
Yes, for the purposes of this thread, they are crisps and they are crap. Flammin hot and beef flavour are very good, but pickled onion are boke.

  • Yes, I agree and am confident to voice this opinion with you by my side
  • No, I am still scared by the aggressively vocal pickled onion lovers and not confident to agree yet

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Salt and black pepper flavoured crisps are the most overrated flavour, judging by the chat I’ve seen today, mystifyingly popular


Pickled Onion Monster Munch used to be amazing, so vinegary. However I also think Chili McCoys used to be really spicy and delicious too so

  • Tastebuds are used to more complex flavours
  • Big Crisp are cutting corners
  • Whatever made the crisps so good in the past are probably banned now

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All crisps are overrated but you are right that Pickled Onion MM is the most overrated


Are Monster Munch potato or corn based?

Pringles - shite




Yeah, the whole sensations range is very meh. Never had a sensation from them that wasn’t an underwhelming one! Hahaha


Yeah they’re just crisps. Those big fancy bags should offer something more, texture and flavour wise imo.

Kettle Chips, always a disappointment and make me feel a bit sick after

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could easily eat 2 pipes of pringles and feel better than one packet of kettle chips

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Anything with chilli in the title. Just too hot.

What is it with people calling them pipes today

Does anyone really overrate crisps?

I’m sorry this happened to you

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Pickled onions are shit as well

The most overrated crisps are the ham and mustard Brannigans. They’re fine.

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Spoken like a true crisp overrater

Crisps are fine. A good solid 7/10. Enjoyable without ever being remarkable

Mini Cheddars