What’s the nearest cd to where you’re currently located.

Love TKO: The Very Best of Teddy Pendergrass


Oooh! Nice thread!

Windows 10 on a CDR


HP EliteDisplay E223, E233, R243, E243i, and E273 Monitors Software and Documentation

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Niiiiiice, that’s a lot of models in one CD!

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Some well written drivers, that’s for sure.


p.g. six, music from the sherman box series and other works

remember almost nothing about it, think it was quite good - maybe a kind of ambient album made with acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments

Apex Twin - Collapse EP, or a demo my friend Pete sent me… depending on which is on top of the pile.

Only two I own that aren’t in the loft - my CD player packed up a couple of years ago and I’ve gone full vinyl-wanker (plus streaming) since then.

Although actually, if I’m closer to the car then it’s the Funny Bones audiobook, which I have now heard more times than any other piece of recorded media.

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CD \Batchjobs

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - No More Shall We Part

it’s in my bag as i bought it in a second hand shop on my lunch break. there are no other CDs in my vicinity at this moment

Dawnwalker - Human Ruins (2019)


The new Charli XCX album.

Soundtrack to The Big Country. Been on my desk for ages, no idea why.

How much are CDs second hand these days?

There’s a pile under the record deck in the front room. Just had a look and Kölsch’s 1989 is sticking out very slightly so I’ll go with that.

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We Are Scientists - whatever their second album is

£3 seems to be the standard. Or £2 in Oxfam.

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Ennio Morricone - A Fistful of Sounds (soundtracks from the first two Dollars films + Once Upon A Time In The West)

Underneath it is Spoon - They Want My Soul


Remember Remember - Remember Remember