‪What’s the nicest special edition or re-issue you bought this year? 💿 🖼 ‬

I’ve been lost to a world of streaming and t-shirts, and thinking of things to buy as gifts (and for me). What great things did you get hold of or really want this year?

Re-issue of Daniel Darc and Bill Pritchard - parce que. Wasn’t available for years and bonus tracks are very good.

Limited edition pink vinyl of the SOPHIE lp.

cough JAG cough


The lioness reissue by Songs Ohia. Brilliant purple vinyl repress of one of the best albums ever and a bonus disc of unheard sessions with some really touching writing from his widow and bunches of extras including a songs ohia plectrum and postcards etc. All for forty quid.


The Fleet Foxes box set, debut album and first 2 EPs and rarities 10". The debut EP is ace. Lovely box

Went off on to band camp to listen to this, really good… cd order on its way


Hurrah, the system works!

Thanks mate!

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that obi strip is beautiful

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Just got my super deluxe copy of Super Furry Animals at the BBC. A 5x LP box set with actual hair from their yeti suits embedded in one of the records, a gorgeous gold-on-black Pete Fowler print, and a fancy little black envelope filled with clippings from aforementioned yeti suits. Not sure it’s quite worth the £200+ I paid for it but it’s 1 of 100 that were made, so it’s probably the most special record I’ll ever own…


I love stuff like this. If I liked the band I would be all over this.

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I have recently bought the R.E.M ‘Live at the BBC’ 6CD &1DVD box set and the Bob Dylan 6CD ‘More Blood, More Tracks’ box set.

Probably the box set of the new Selvans CD (not that I’ve got it yet, should be sent out this week), it’s a shame they didn’t do it for the vinyl but I guess that would have been a lot more money!

Not a JAG, just a fan!
(more CDs, please!)