What’s the oldest thing in your house you regularly use?

Kind of inspired by the “How old is your…” thread.

I’ve got some plates which were originally part of a dinner set my parents were given for their wedding, which are around 50 years old.

The house itself shouldn’t count, really

I’ve got some gruds knocking about from about 2001


A 7" vinyl single of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles (1961)


I’ve got some plates and bowls that I still use that were bought for me when I went to uni in 1995

My guitar is about 30 years old I think

Recently it’s my nan’s deckchair, 1960s, I only just acquired it but have used it quite a lot and going to make some fabric repairs so I can continue to do so.

My side plates are 70s, but idk, loads of my stuff is second hand so I’m not sure really, it’s all old ish.



The boring answer is an antique companion set for the fireplace but yknow

Apart from that…dunno
There is a grandfather clock but it doesn’t work

‘Use’ it as a decoration, but there’s a Lowry print on my wall that’s at least 32 years old.

I’m still using a hi fi from 20+ years ago, although it’s now sharing duties with an internet radio.

Dining table that was my granddad’s.

Was about 50 years old when he got it second hand in the 50s,so must be coming up for about 100

One of these. It’s a 1940’s garden pump / sprayer thing.



Of course I’ve just realised that it is forever the year 2000 in my head - I guess it’s nearer 120 yrs old.

Here’s a bad picture of it (currently in use)



Do you still use it for the garden, or is it purely ornamental now?

to be honest, as I was posting the photo I realised the title said use regularly, which is untrue :grinning: I only found it last weekend whilst going through some stuff of my dads. Had no idea what it was until I did a bit of research.

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I’m going to redeem myself, I also have one of these. Possibly 1940s? its a Tailors square, which the kids use regularly whilst drawing and doing art stuff.



Does bath and sink count?

1960s Mary Quant poncho still gets used, belonged to my wife’s Gran



wow. That’s probably worth a few quid!

It’s got some mud on it from Glastonbury that won’t come off, so probably not :grin:

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I had a quick google and can only see them from the 80’s but still, £150! not as much as the sentimental value though I’m sure…