What’s the oldest thing in your house you regularly use?

This doorstop is at least a few million years old



Doesn’t work by the looks of it. Door is closing mate.

it’s having a rest, cut it some slack!



I remember my great uncle having one of those. He also had a spirit level made out of polished wood and brass, which was really nice. I think that’s at my parents place, now

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Well this pan then


In regular use, probably the outdoor bins, 12 years or so

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Some Estonian champagne glasses from the 20/30s I guess

They’re nothing fancy really but they’re the go to champagne/prosecco deliverers. They used to belong to the tv’s grandparents


I would love to see a photo of these if you can be bothered at some point. I’ve got a bit of a thing for glassware.

There used to be 12 I think, 9 or 10 when we got them, 7 left now but the pic looked better with 6

They’re local ware from a town called Pärnu which was like the Estonian trendy writers & artist’s retreat by the sea in the between wars period. Still a nice place with some great Deco & art Nouveau architecture

The tv’s mum’s family is from there


they are stunning fairplay.

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Oh my friend who sells lovely vintage things is selling 4 of those at the moment.

So obsessed with drinking glasses

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Really? The same as these ones?

I think so. I’ve just looked on her website and they must have sold. They definitely had that same shape and colour stem, not sure she’ll have been aware of their age or backstory though

A 1930s coal bucket we found in our garden, that we use as a plant pot.

Always with the coincidences you & me huh?

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We’ve got loads of mid-century furniture inherited from my grandparents (plus stuff we’ve picked up at antiques shops to match it). Apparently my partner has some jewellery which is Victorian-era or earlier.

Oh wow, they are really nice! I love that you know a bit about the history of them too.

its hard to avoid the history tbh when it’s immigrant possessions rescued from the old country - simple things become loaded with history even if the objects themselves aren’t that spectacular (I think they were some local copies of a popular German/French design of the time)

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that Deco hotel I posted upthread btw, it’s right on the beach and is a lovely place to stay. Pretty reasonable price too. Visit Pärnu!

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