What’s the Sky Garden like?


It’s for a work thing.


do you mean clouds?


oh tell me why
do they build gardens in the sky?


Nice view, eye-wateringly expensive bar.


Best view of the skyline in London because it’s not spoiled by the Walkie Talkie.


It’s all right I’m not paying


is it difficult to enjoy the view with watery eyes


it’s fine


My team at work went recently and said it was fine. I boycotted obviously because fuck the police…


Is that where Kay Burley walks her dog?




Is this some Game of Thriones bollocks?


It’s great, and its also big enough to go and hide somewhere if your colleagues are getting too irritating.


fine, but make sure you leave enough time for a trip down the west end, spearmint rhinos, m&ms world and the oxo tower (takes a long time to get up there and down)


YOU’RE TELLING ME M8! Four dates and counting!


It’s nice. Avoid the bar.


No, heaven.


Have a laugh at what the bar charges for bottles of cognac.


If you do go make sure everyone (and I mean everyone) brings a passport/form of ID because they’ll be going home if they don’t.