What’s the song?!

Help me work out what song I am thinking of based on a soup brain concoction of clues.
It sounds like it is by Lil Nas X or something
Quite slow and sombre and pretty sure it makes reference to superman or something.
From the last few years and pretty sure it was massive. What is it?!

Crank That (Soulja Boy)


Superman by Black Lace


You fucker. Was just looking for it on youtube.

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Amazingly not this. Though this sort of tempo.

The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts by Sufjan Stevens

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I keep seeing these lads on Twitter and have no idea if everyone is taking the piss out of two wannabes or if they’re actually massively popular and the joke is on us

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If we’ve learned anything from The Internet, it’s probably going to be somehow both and they’ll have a headline tour, TV show and shoes deal within six months.

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It sounds like if Lil Nas X and maybe the weeknd got together when they were depressed. Not entirely sure I haven’t imagined/created this song.

Just had a quick google and that seems to be exactly it


Think it might be ‘Superman (SlownSombre)’ by Lil Nas X and The Weeknd


Let’s make this happen!! @lilnasX?

is it that song that’s like you don’t tug on superman’s cape you don’t piss in the wind don’t fight that man

It’s definitely not this but the lyrics/video are unintentionally hilarious:

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I really don’t like the Crash Test Dummies. Really, really don’t

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(hmmm hmmmm hmmmm)

Don’t think anyone does do they?

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Not this, but fits the criteria.