What’s the worst you’ve ever smelled? (Smelt?)


I worked at a disaster of a bloody festival that doesn’t exist any more (think it lasted two years?? And I worked the first one), had no shower facilities and it was TORRENTIAL downpour the entire time. Was doing bar work so constantly sweaty and covered in booze.

Reckon the reek of loneliness and desperation on me right now is pretty pungent.

(Keep it light etc)


Actually probably the time I dropped a bottle of aftershave in the sink and it shattered, splashing me with half a bottle of the stuff. Tried to give it a quick wash off as I didn’t have time to change before work.

Only empty seat in the carriage was next to me :sunglasses:

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It’s all relative - I’ve never been that aware of what I’ve smelled like at festivals, but you get back to real life and it’s like “oooh”

I think I’ve always been okay smell wise although one Leeds Fest they took my dry shampers off me and my hair was horrific by the end

Probably when i had to walk tyson the big dog for my work experience at the vet, the room stank as he was getting an ass abscess removed and i had to stay there then walk him later in the rain. He smelled so bad im sorry to this dog but i haven’t smelled anything worse since


Hit an already dead badger with a van on a hot day. The splatter did not smell good.

Did it get on you?!?

Oh nooo, I didn’t wash my hair for three days! Get a fucking grip

Couldnt get a grip on my head then mate, the grease would make you slide right off

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Makes me laugh imagining this dog just walking home happy as larry absolutely stinking but not bothered about it

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Thankfully not, think I would’ve been sick if it ended up inside the cab. Was bad enough having to get out of the van like 20 times while it was cooking away in the heat all day.

Sometime in the middle of 2020 probably. Just didn’t care to look or smell nice.

Probably when I fell in a pile of donkey poo when I was five.


Fish Market, Whitby 2 in the afternoon

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Seen it, decent but not a patch on the first one


Glastonbury 07 I think. Mud fest and didn’t wash for 5 or 6 days or something. Got some horrified looks on the train.

I smel pretty awful today though already.

Could taste the pungent smell in the back of my throat for hours afterwards:

Threw up all over my cardigan at a house party (and I think slightly pissed myself) then carried on wearing the cardigan on the train and then bus home in the morning. People on the bus were moving seats to get away from me.


Either Glastonbury 2002 or any St Patrick’s Day when I was running an Irish bar until 3am.