What’s your all-time favourite thread on these forums?

I still say here we go all the time because of this. Chintzy started it, on old boards.


Just had a latte…amazing journey through all the coffees, rated. What more can you ask for.

Also the dog and cats threads for never failing to lift your spirits.


Haha! Maybe over the coming weeks I will take some commissions for legends of rock and roll.

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Definitely Peppermint Apes.

‘I’m nobody’s DAD!’

Have collected all the Blind Date threads under #blinddate if anyone gets really bored.

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Really hope someone can resurrect the Scary Door. So much grimness, but so enthralling. If it wasn’t for DiS I might never have found out about things like (CW: er, scary) Dyatlov Pass and Taman Shud.


Did anybody reveal who started that thread?

I think someone confesses towards the end. Can’t remember who.

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Its really weird looking at old threads and ‘gashwrecker’ is just wandering around totally normal like


Ah that’s reminded me of my favourite thread;

I think most of the links will be dead now though

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Actually never read this before (keep forgetting there was a couple of years where I didn’t post). Read the whole thing now and I’m very happy to share the following two nuggets of information: 1) The Peppermint Apes are still alive on Facebook, posted something just earlier today, and 2) most links from that thread are obviously dead by now but this survived:


Bernard shitgoose :smiley:

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Think we agreed to never post links to threads from the old boards on here.

Dunno if it’s a rule as such, it’s just that there’s stuff going back to when we were teenagers on there and most of us come across at complete bellends, and it has the potential to start serious beeves.

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Think it’s more to do with what kind of thread too, maybe. Like, no-one’s objected to PEPPERMINT APES being posted.

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Yeah, old AQOS and stuff like that is fine I’m sure

I wish