What’s your bed set up?

Double bed (queen size?)
Wooden frame and headboard
Slab of memory foam on top of standard letting agency mattress
Medium tog duvet
Weighted blanket (10kg)
Windows currently closed

Sleep like a log 9/10 (would be 10/10 if not for getting up to pee)

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Super kingsize (divan with 2 drawers underneath)
‘Leather’ headboard
Fancy orthopaedic mattress
Medium duvet
Mrs F has superking White Company pillows, mine are from Tesco until my Thomas Skinner ones arrive.
I don’t sleep in it very often but it’s amazingly comfy for general relaxing.

What’s a Thomas Skinner pillow?

Pillows sold by The Fluffy Pillow Company, founded and run by Thomas ‘Tommy’ Skinner from TV’s The Apprentice.

Wooden head, nothing at the foot of the bed which is good cos my feet go over the end
Standard mattress
King size, maybe the size above that
7.5 tog
Anti allergy pillows
Window closed atm but it varies

How would you rate your sleep?

King size bed. One of those lifty up ones with storage underneath.
Wooden headboard.
Mattress is sprung with memory foam top built in.
Super king size duvet. Not sure on the tog… it’s one that clips together so is like a light and a medium that combines to be a thick one for winter. Currently in winter mode.
Windows closed
GF has created some sort of obstacle course of cushions and blanket to be discarded before getting into bed every night :roll_eyes:

Double bed with headboard
Medium tog duvet
Memory foam pillow
Weird foam mattress thing not memory foam but is dead comfy
Window open

Right now, excellent. Turns out my inability to fall asleep is all based around being stressed about getting enough sleep before the working day. Now I’ve nothing to do I sleep immediately and like a log, and I’m not setting an alarm so I always get as much as I need. It’s bliss, bliss I tells ya.


I have a permanent arse dent in my memory foam now, I should probably rotate it


Super king size
Wooden frame and wool padded headboard (from Sheffield natural bed company)
Simba mattress and pillows (1 each)
I have a second synthetic pillow but my missus doesn’t
Summer duvet and in the winter we add a blanket. Think duvet and our cases are from John Lewis
Window on the latch (whatever you call it when it’s shut but slightly open but won’t swing open)


kinda like this

solid latex pillows
solid latex mattress

sheets and bedcovers are cheap as fuck
blackout blind that was there when i moved in

pretty decent / 10

Double bed, wooden head board.
The pricey pocket sprung mattress from Ikea.
Summer duvet (can double up with another one)
Weighted blanket
Fuzzy blanket for me feets because my tootsies get cold
One latex pillow for sleeping
Two extra pillows and a cushion for being propped up in bed
Window always open

It’s good.

Le redoute duvet covers here

Do you recommend a simba? I want a really good mattress when I buy somewhere

Have they got a stupid small opening (steady)? Because mine are going to give me an aneurysm one day.

I like that you searched for a similar picture instead of just taking a picture of your bed

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We like it. Some shops let you try them out in store. I think JL had simba and Next had Eve. They come in a box and unroll. Only issue was something happened inside with the pocket springs when we moved house so had to pull it apart, fix it and then glue it all back together. So not convinced they’ve very moveable, but it’s the right firmness and isn’t too hot

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i felt it was the easier course of action

Yes they do, it’s really annoying but I get round it by hardly ever changing them :woman_shrugging: