What’s your childhood film?

What film would you consider to be your ‘childhood’ film, whether that’s the film you watched most as a child, resonated with you in a particular way, etc.

Does it still hold up well?

I watched Matilda yesterday, which is my childhood film. Genuinely brilliant film, with some proper iconic bits. Rhea Perlman is hilarious in it, and actually a lot of fun direction on DeVito’s part. I loved it as a child, watched it all the time, and fancied Miss Honey (in a completely wholesome childlike way).

Beethoven’s 2nd

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Back to the Future

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‘Some Like It Hot’ - still find it hilarious
‘Staying Alive’ - this film is utter rubbish, however, i still like it for nostalgic reasons

It’s probably Mary Poppins, definitely still holds up.

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Ghostbusters, after it was shown on ITV on Boxing Day, 1987, and recorded onto VHS by my dad.

The seventh seal




Jan-Nov: Drop Dead Fred
Dec: Muppet Christmas Carol


Wayne’s World

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Any standout moments that you look back fondly on?

Independence Day

Probably doesn’t hold up, didn’t really understand it as a 5 year old tbh



Firstly, I have to factor in that up until I was 12 years old the only places you could really watch a film were on the TV or at the cinema. The film I remember watching at the cinema when it came out and then subsequently multiple times on VHS was Jaws. I reckon it may be the film I have watched the most times throughout my life.

Obviously it holds up. And it is probably responsible for how my tastes in film have developed to this day.

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Lost Boys and Top Gun. Both recorded onto one VHS long play style and many a time were watched back to back. Exploding vampires and oiled up beach vollyball - what a killer combo.

Lost Boys is so fucking good.


Ghostbusters, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins. Our childminder had them on VHS, so we spent an entire year watching them on repeat.

Also, The Jungle Book, which was the first film I ever saw in the cinema and the only video our family owned for a good five years or so.

Made you what you are today :slight_smile:

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Back to the Future. They were and are all brilliant.


Stand By Me, in retrospect I was far too young to be watching that.

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also Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit

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