What’s your colour?

I have a bit of a thing about the colour blue, all of my jackets and most of my dresses are blue - I don’t do it intentionally but seem to gravitate to it. Do you have a colour?

2 of those are green…


This thread is brought to you from the dentist’s waiting room where I was 15 min early and they are 15 min late…

Yeah I’m blue too. Have to actively go out of my way to buy clothes in other colours.

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No, they’re all blue.

Shamefully, also blue.

Hmm…but 2 of them are green so…

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Why did you take so many jackets to the dentist?

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White tends to suit me best, but it’s far too risky for someone who makes such a habit of spilling food and drink down their front.

So I mainly have blues/greys.


Shamefully I took the picture the other day and thought ‘this will make a good thread for when I’m bored’

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Grey is my colour. I find myself sometimes wearing all grey by accident when I’m just popping to the tops. My coat and trainers are grey. I have a nice big grey jumper I like.

Other than that, baby pink is definitely my go to. I have 2 baby pink jackets.

always liked turquoise and aquamarine

I want to wear more green


Head down the army surplus store, get the best of both worlds.

Had a period there where I was buying an awful lot of maroon.

and pink but it doesnt suit my skin tone
dark blue, claret and brown are good this time of year

I think the colour that suits me best is red though. Whenever I wear anything in a shade of red people are very complimentary, but then I am a massive communist so :man_shrugging:

Blue or black mostly, here. With some red shirts and jackets.