What’s your colour?

Good advice. Thanks Peemer

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Earth colours. Dark green, brown and black. Rarely anything else. (Except for dark blue jeans).

Black / navy blue / dark grey.

I dunno, depends on what it is.

Winter coats - black
Summer jackets - light blue or red.

Like dark green too.

@Witches is taking an awfully long time to type ‘black’

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BLACK?! I was busy making you a beautiful colour palette Laelfy!! :smiley:


Black in clothes, probably.

Green for home furnishings.

Burgundy/dark red or olive green

Basically I’m a tree

Same here. Red is a very good colour on a lot of people. Coral/orangey red is the one that gets me most compliments.

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Singing the thread title to the tune of this:

I’ve got a burgundy shirt with a grandad collar and get the same. It’s probably because I’m not wearing blue or black, people are surprised and confused.

Probably more accurate tho


burgundy is my shit, i love it

I like citrus colours so tend to go with reds, oranges and yellows. My colour blindness can result in some spectacular colour clashes so i often ask my housemates if I look okay before I leave the house.

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This song did inspire the thread title tbf

I’ve worn only black since 2013, with some grey & white.

Now I’m the pharmacy waiting for antibiotics. Probable root canal on the horizon.

The last four colours would make a lovely colour scheme for a living room.

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Grey coat, grey hoodie, grey jeans…


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Is glitter a colour? That