What’s your current recycling status

It’s all in the recycling bin. Don’t keep anything in the house

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just got a bollocking for throwing a plastic milk carton into the normal bin

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Mine definitely needs to be done today

Collected this morning. Clean as a whistle

gotta see it to believe it pal

Our communal recycling bins got overfilled because the council went down to one collection per fortnight. Then at the last collection the bin men didn’t take them because the shed where the bins live has been stuffed full of rubbish that people, understandably, didn’t want to keep in their flats. So at the moment we have a large amount of recycling that we can’t do anything with. Will have to put it in the general waste if the situation doesn’t get resolved soon.

as i said before, cardboard / paper / cans / plastic all go in the same blue bin outside so fuck knows why i bother separating them

the glass bag normally sits somewhere else, just moved it in frame

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Haven’t been to the basement since Saturday.

Highly inefficient

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Was a lot like yours this morning, but the binmen came today so I took it all down a while ago. We’ve requested a second recycling bin - there are 9 people who live in our building, it will be filled up before the weekend. Meanwhile the house across the road has two people and a bin all to themselves. Nonsense system!

Well, I might go for a little bike ride shortly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

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Empty as I emptied it yesterday evening.

I’m fully on team big build up less trips cos I’m fifth floor and then I have to walk across the garden to the street to the bins so I’m not doing that every day. I’d rather let it build up then it’s a job worth doing

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Show off

Recyling went away during lockdown, tomorrow is the first paper bin collection for about 6 weeks, house is overflowing with paper needing to be recycled. Cats are loving the cardboard boxes everywhere tho.

I recycle fortnightly.

The recycling centres are shut so I’m having to chuck tetra Paks in the normal bin :frowning: