What’s your ideal packed lunch?

I know what some of you are like so don’t go all fancy on us, you know damn well what I mean by packed lunch and it doesn’t include things like focaccia.

You get a “main” (most likely a sandwich but I might let other things pass), a crisp, a fruit, a pudding and a drink. What are you having?

For me, cheese and cucumber roll, walkers salt & vinegar, a satsuma, 2 finger kitkat, orange squash.

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Hoisin duck wrap
McCoy’s steak
Collective suckies yoghurt

What you’ve done here, and easy mistake to make, is confused a packed lunch with a meal deal. You’re not making a hoisin wrap at home now are you


Fine a Hoisin duck sandwich

Probably sack off a sandwich for a nice sausage roll or scotch egg,
some little chicken tikka things on a stick,
flaming hot monster munch
No fruit
Bag of haribo
500ml rubicon mango bottle so I don’t have to drink it all at once without it going flat and save a bit for the walk back.

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This, this is what I’m on about.
Lovely contribution to the thread!

I don’t like packed lunches.

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Cheese and marmite sandwich (Warburton thick sliced)

Nice n spicy nik naks

A plum

Tropical Hi-juice squash



Pudding is a caramel rocky

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Chocolates always risky in a packed lunch. They can melt and cool bags/boxes are for squares unless they’re full of booze

Find packed lunch sandwiches so bleak for some reason. Love a sandwich but would always go for a Cous cous/pasta salad or something if I’m having a packed lunch

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if it’s homemade several hours earlier then my top filling is egg mayo (heavy on the mustard). some sort of crusty bread if I can guarantee the crustiness survives
some of those black pepper kettle chips (chuck a few in the sanger), or nice n spicy nik naks (not in the sanger).
little pot of raisins
oh give us a few of those quorn picnic eggs as well. which means I’ll have to take a bit of mayo too.

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Baguette with hummus toms rocket and olives, red apple, packet of salted nuts, bottle of Stella.


FOUR slices of seeded farmhouse loaf for the sandwiches pls. Slices of seitan, pickles, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise.

Packet of them big ridgey paprika crisp

I don’t think edamemes are a fruit but I’m having a small pot of them in soy sauce

Thermos of black coffee

One of these chocolate peanut protein bars that Her Indoors orders off the internet for her weight liftin

Now you might say “that’s a fucking massive packed lunch with a lot of calories K_B, are you going up a mountain or something?” and yeah I am, this is the packed lunch I’m having if I’m off up Blencathra or something.


Leftover roast beef and horseradish sandwich
Don’t like fruit so I’m swapping it out for a pasty
S&V Kettle chips
330ml Fruit Twist Fanta can


NGL that sounds like the amount of calories i’ll do for lunch when working from home and doing 27 steps for the day


Have I got the new product from Salcombe Brewery for you!

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hummus, felafel, spinach and ketchup sandwich (sliced horizontally)
packet of walkers cheese n onion
mini sausage roll x2
fanta zero


I’ve never thought of having hummus and ketchup together but I’m picturing it now and I could well get on board