What’s your order (Dominos)

Tell us about your Dominos order please!

  • size
  • base
  • crust
  • dipping sauce
  • toppings
  • sides
  • dessert
  • drink
  • delivery or collection?

DO NOT post about how dominos is shit, there are better options, you’re veggie/vegan/whatever so can’t eat it/you’ve never been - we’re not interested! We only care about your order, thanks :smiley:


In an ideal world:

Large stuffed crust, half Texas BBQ, half veggie or mighty meaty.

Chicken strippers/dippers (whatever the goujons are)

Extra garlic and herb and bbq dips

No dessert or drinks

Will normally collect

Hi Laelfy,

Please could I have
Regular base
Extra tomato sauce
Red and green peppers
Red onions

Garlic pizza bread
Couple of large tubs of garlic and herb dip
Brownies if ol meanie lets me

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Coming right up gnomey!

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Used to get pepperoni but haven’t for about a year :sob:

Can’t remember the last time I had a Dominos, no idea what the options even are.

Having a quick look - probably a large Deluxe with added jalapenos? idk

Regular base I guess

Have had Dominos a couple of times - can anyone explain why it is so incredibly expensive*?

*In the UK, it’s dirt cheap in other countries in my experience…

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Assume people only ever buy it via some sort of deal

People only buy it when they’re starving/hungover/vulnerable so they ignore the cost

I’ll level with you, it really depends how drunk I am. There’s a chance I’ll go in on a stuffee crust, and that will make me very happy, but assuming I’m behaving myself, I’ll be having a large Italian based pizza, with double tomato sauce, jalapenos and pepperoni. Time was they sold those admittedly rubbish sliced olives, but they’d be on it too. Gonna need at least 1 big pot of garlic and herb dip with that. Think I’ll have 7 Frank’s hot wings with that too, please. Then whatever that gnome is having and/or manages to talk me into, like brownies or chocolate pizza or whatever. The nearest Dominos is about 200m away, so you KNOW I’m ordering that for delivery. (sometimes I’ll collect, but frankly, if I’m leaving the house, I’m probably capable of ordering something nicer somewhere else. I do love Dominos, mind.


Used to have a self-harm Pepperoni Passion addiction which I’m pleased to say I’m completely recovered from now.
Unfortunately I now have a peri-peri chicken addiction, but on balance I think I’m doing very well thanks.

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How much stuff i order depends on a few things but let’s say for arguments sake i’ve been to the pub for a few beers, have got back to the flat for a smoke whilst listening to some music.
I might order:
Medium pepperoni regular base/crust
Portion garlic bread
Hot wings
1 x extra garlic dip
1 x franks hot sauce
Maybe a bottle of irn bru

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this :slight_smile:


I miss Dominos. I don’t eat it now (shut up) but it holds a special place in my heart.

Order used to be -

Large Veg-A-Roma - the veggie one with the sundried tomato and garlic sauce (RIP)
Potato wedges
Garlic pizza bread
Big bottle of coke
At least 4 x Garlic and herb dips

Haven’t had one in going on 10yrs I reckon. Used to be a large Texas BBQ boy though

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Can’t remember the last time we had one but we used to do some deal with 2 medium pizzas and sides and our order would always be something like:
1x medium margherita (regular base)
1x medium make your own with tandoori chicken, pepperoni, peppers and meatballs (regular base and sauce)
1x chicken strippers combo (strippers and wedges)
1x extra potato wedges
1x garlic cheese pizza bread
1x cookies
1x 1.5l coca cola
1x big pot of garlic & herb dip
Extra honey & mustard dip

Big margarita, probably some kind of garlic dip, done.

Oh I’m not ordering from there.


I only ever get it on two-for-Tuesday or if there’s a 50% off online voucher - and usually if we’re having Domino’s it’s because there’s a few of us. So:

  • thin/regular crust
  • for T/A who are vegan/vegetarian respectively, a veggie supreme, half with cheese and half without (which usually prompts a call from Domino’s… yes, we did mean to have half a pizza without cheese
  • for the rest of us: one with a BBQ sauce, one with jalapenos on it (chicken sizzler maybe), and (if necessary) one with the absurd amount of different meat on it.

Works out at about £4-£5 per person if you assume half a large pizza each.